Just in case some viewers didn’t notice, Fox didn’t air a new episode of The Gifted’’ this week. After eight episodes since the Marvel series made its debut in October, the show went on a short hiatus. The break was implemented by the network to give way to the overwhelming number of new shows they had to release during Thanksgiving week. In addition, Fox had to set up its schedule for Winter 2018, which revealed changes in its time slots.

“The Gifted” will resume on December 4 in its regular time slot with the release of its ninth episode titled, “OutfoX." The Marvel series is already scheduled to cap off its first season with a two-hour finale on January 15, 2018.

With just five episodes left, the anticipation for the show’s finale grows.Here’s a quick recap of what has happened so far, and what’s going to take place in the upcoming episode.

Lauren and Andy unveils Fenris twins’ powers

The eighth episode of the said Marvel series was probably the saddest yet. It finally revealed the huge connection between the late Strucker twins and the Strucker siblings. Reed Strucker paid his father, Otto, a surprise visit so the underground mutants could at least find out what Trask Industries was up to. Otto then confessed that Reed was actually a mutant whose powers were eliminated by a cure that Otto conjured decades ago.

Aside from Reed’s true nature, Otto revealed their mutant lineage, which traced back to the infamous Strucker twins, Andrea and Andreas.

Apparently, Otto worked hard to make sure that none of his father’s descendants inherited his or his twin sister’s powers. Unfortunately, Andy and Lauren inherited their great-grandfather and aunt’s powers, which made them the object of Dr. Roderick Campbell’s interest.

In order to save Reed and Thunderbird from the Sentinel Services, Otto sacrificed his life by unveiling his mutant powers.

The recent episode proved that the Strucker family’s powers were indeed special and of a different caliber because Otto was not affected by Gus’s power to disable mutant abilities.

Mutants launch an attack against Sentinel Services

After learning of Trask Industries’ Hound Program and with the Sentinel Services launching an all-out war against mutants, Thunderbird and the rest of the mutants in charge have decided that it’s time they make the first move.

Polaris has been training the young mutants to control their powers, and get them ready to fight.

The preview for “The Gifted” Episode 9 showed mutants infiltrating the Sentinel Services, however, it seems like things won’t go as planned. With everyone cornered, Lauren and Andy are forced to unleash their combined powers even though they were told not to use them. Even if the mutants manage to escape, things might go more awry once Andy and Lauren unveil that they have the powers of the feared Fenris twins, who were infamous for being mutant terrorists.