Some time ago, Adult Swim, the network that airs the wildly popular "Rick and Morty," created the Rickmobile.

The Rickmobile is exactly what it sounds like, a car-sized rendition of Rick, the titular character of "Rick and Morty," hunched over four wheels and an engine. Rick is depicted drooling, much like the character is famous for doing on the show, while facing backward. This allows him to glare at and ultimately intimidate people following behind. They then proceeded to unleash it onto the public, free to go about its business as it pleases.

And it has been doing just that, chugging along the roads all over the USA selling "Rick and Morty" merchandise as it visits places and events along its path. Why shouldn't it, after all? This is its purpose. The Rickmobile isn't hurting anyone (physically at least) or breaking any laws.

That is, of course, up until recently, when it committed its first documented offense. According to, recently it traveled through Delaware, where it got into some trouble with the authorities. Apparently, the Rickmobile had neglected to pay an automated highway toll, which promptly took a photo and sent out what is quite possibly the greatest ticket ever issued.

Rickmobile ticketed in Delaware

I'm going to assume that the nature of the photo will make it nearly impossible for "Rick and Morty's" creators to dispute the Rickmobile's ticket in court.

It would seem that Rickmobile is not as adept at evading even authorities like Rick is in the show. He can't even avoid toll cameras in Delaware, nevermind police forces on a galactic or interdimensional level. Adult Swim will likely be stuck paying the ticket, but Delaware did publicly accept the Rickmobile's apology. Hopefully, the driver of the truck has a boss that is just as forgiving.

While Adult Swim will have to pay Delaware in this case, there is no doubt that any publicity gained from this is well worth it, especially when you consider the possible revenue the entire "Rick and Morty" tour has brought in. For the fans, it was a fun exchange and a great photo to share.

Rickmobile will continue on tour

While all is well now, "Rick and Morty's" Rickmobile still has some stops to make before it's finished, which offers plenty of chances for further mishaps. So far this is its first run-in with the law, and as notes, this is defiantly something that could have happened on the show. Although to be fair, Rick would have never taken this lying down, that's a Morty move.