When the third season of "Rick and Morty was reported, it was revealed that it would have 14 episodes, which was more than the past two seasons. When it formally debuted in July, fans were disillusioned to discover that it would comprise of only 10 episodes. In a recent meeting with Entertainment Weekly, co-creator Dan Harmon stated that he, for the most part, points the finger at himself for not doing the initial count they arranged.

Dan told the magazine that he hasn't figured out how to do the show effectively while taking into account the fussbudget in him.

He additionally noted that he wouldn't like to do any filler episodes.

Insight on the probable episode count for Season 4

Harmon stated that he learned from his missteps while making the third season of "Rick and Morty" and that both he and whatever remains of the group are presently really prepared to make a season that comprises of 14 episodes. The plan is to start with 10 episodes and then work on the four additional episodes once a schedule has been proven. What Harmon doesn't want to do, is disappoint his fans by coming up short again. While the ultimate goal is to make sure that "Rick and Morty" Season 4 finishes with at least 14 episodes, he also wants to make sure that he does it the right way.

Presenting "filler episodes" is something that he really wants to avoid and something that he alluded to regretting during his work on the show "Community." Fans of that show certainly know what he refers to when talking about those filler episodes, which didn't really forward the plot but were simply completed to fill a time slot and episode count.

Discarded ideas aren’t forgotten

Dan also opened up about the way toward making the third season too. An episode would revolve around something unique and he would then write the episode to fit the narrative. A case of this imaginative procedure is the second episode of the latest season, which began with Rick having a gadget called "Book-A-Lyzer" that would enable him to go within any book.

The thought for this episode included "Rick and Morty" getting caught inside a terrible novel that Jerry composed when he was more youthful. Harmon said that the thought for this episode changed totally two or three times, which is clear, as we got the opportunity to see a Mad Max style enterprise in a dystopian no man's land and there was no say of a book Jerry composed by any means.

More news about "Rick and Morty" Season 4 should be revealed soon.