jax taylor cheated on girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, and a new report claims that faith Stowers planned the affair so she could get a bigger role on their reality television show.

Viewers of "Vanderpump Rules" watched as Brittany confronted Jax about his affair, but there may be more to the story. A new report from Radar Online claims that Faith Stowers kept evidence of their affair and was hoping to use it get more camera time and more money out of it. An insider told the celebrity news outlet that "Vanderpump Rules" is a bit stingy for the supporting characters, paying only a few hundred dollars an episode for the ones without a major storyline.

So Stowers concocted a scheme to sleep with Jax Taylor and find herself more air time.

Relationship with Brittany Cartwright a fake?

According to the report, Stowers made a recording of their hookup so she could have proof in case Taylor tried to worm his way out of it, and may have caught a major revelation on it. Radar Online reported that Taylor admitted his relationship with Brittany Cartwright was strictly a business venture, and that he was planning to marry her so they could make a Bravo spin-off show about it.

There may not be any real sparks with Faith Stowers, an insider told Radar Online. Jax reportedly has no feelings for her, as she is just one of many women he has been hooking up with during his relationship with Brittany.

The insider said Jax had no intention of curtailing his wild ways, even amid rumors that he and Brittany are headed toward marriage.

This would seem to be quite a turnaround from just a few weeks ago. In an interview in October, both Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright said that their relationship was going well despite running into some bumps in the road.

The couple had also been seen discussing marriage on their show "Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky."

Engagement could be coming soon

Despite the reports about Jax Taylor's infidelity and new rumors that the relationship might be made-for-television, there is increasing speculation that the couple could be getting engaged in the near future.

Brittany Cartwright was spotted earlier this year wearing a diamond ring that many fans speculated could be an engagement ring (though that rumor appears to have faded away). Others believe that Jax and Brittany are intentionally dropping hints about an engagement to drum up more attention and help lead to a new spinoff reality show.