rain Brown of "Alaskan Bush People" is dealing with a lot right now as fans are giving her a Hard Time about some advice she gave out about relationships. The reality star is just 15-years-old, but seems wise beyond her years as well.

What did Rain say to upset everyone?

Rain was talking about how you should go "above and beyond" for your partner. She also said, "I’ll never clip your wings baby. If you want to fly then spread your wings and fly. I don’t love to take ownership. I love to connect." Rain Brown went on to explain that she has seen a lot of relationships in her life that this doesn't apply to.

She feels like if you are with someone then you should treat someone the way you want to be treated, but even better. Rain feels like you should give your best in a relationship and that isn't something that everyone agrees with though.

This is not the first time that Rain Brown has given out advice about love. She is very young, though. Some people feel like she is a bit too young to be dishing out this kind of advice to people. She does sound very wise for her age.

One man is upset by her thoughts

One man is very upset by what Rain Brown had to say, though. He replied to her giving her a hard time about her age. He even told her that she should stick to posts about things she knows about and that wasn't it.

He even trash-talked how many relationships she has had at her age.

A few fans were really upset by what this guy had to say, though. They started to defend Rain Brown and talk about how she is very wise beyond her years and that he should give her a break. One fan commented about how she could also be talking about personal relationships like with your friends and family.

Rain even defended herself about it all. She said, "Even if I was in a relationship I’m 15 not 9 I’m a teenager not a child." She does have a pretty good point there. Rain has lived a life that could make her grow up a bit more than other children her age. It is great that she was willing to stand up for herself instead of just letting this grown man walk all over her like some other kids would have done.

What do you think about what Rain Brown had to say? Do you feel like she is getting a hard time over nothing? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "Alaskan Bush People" when it returns to Discovery. The family hasn't confirmed a return yet, but everyone knows that they are filming and there is no reason to think they won't be coming back.