In case you have not been following the latest Duggar news then you wouldn’t know that Jana Duggar is rumored to be in a relationship with a man called Caleb Williams. When some of Jana’s fans found out about this supposed relationship, they were not very happy, as when the two appeared together in a picture Online, Williams' appearance was seen by many as unorganized and scruffy. Well, now Williams has decided to snap back at the people who were making fun of his appearance online, and you can read below to find out what he said. Most of the facts from this article from a report by blog Christian Today.

What did Caleb Williams respond with to his haters?

Now, let’s be honest, if anyone was bullying you and calling you names online you would probably not be happy. It is safe to say that Williams was not happy with the abuse he received online from Duggar fans about his appearance and the fact that his underwear was showing in a Facebook picture. Williams responded to all of these Duggar trolls by saying, “In the future, I will probably triple check to verify the integrity of my outer garments before any such pictures are snapped.”

According to a few online rumors, Williams is nowhere near as conservative as the rest of the Duggar family. This could mean that he isn’t very fond of the whole courtship idea, which is why Jana may not have mentioned that she is courting him, as they are probably just dating.

This wouldn’t be that shocking, as the family has recently been more open-minded about certain things. For example, Michelle Duggar can now be seen wearing pants, which is something that the Duggar women were not allowed to do in the past, as they always had to wear skirts because of their religion.

What is the Duggar family up to now?

Jana being rumored to have a boyfriend isn’t all that the Duggar family has been up to in the past few months. A few weeks ago, Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, came under fire for making some rather hurtful and transphobic remarks towards the LGBT movement. These little comments about the LGBT community made TLC fire him, as they didn’t want his views to be associated with their television network.

You can always catch up with the family on their TLC reality television show “Counting On,” and you call also follow their social media accounts. It is worth mentioning that Dillard is not the only family member that won't be starring in the series, as Josh Duggar won't be appearing in it due to his personal issues. Josh has also just finished therapy for his issues.