Kirk Douglas, whose real name is Issur Danielovitch Demsky, turned 101 years old on Saturday, December 9. He started his birthday celebration on Friday afternoon, when he talked and was able to see his younger sister 98-year-old, Ida Sahr, in Schenectady, New York, from his Los Angeles, California home via Facebook Live. After they connected through technology, Ida sang "Happy Birthday" to her older brother. A report by the Daily Gazette relayed some of the facts used in this article.

That was just the beginning of his celebration that continued on Saturday.

Even though both of them are quite old, their family says they are doing very well as far as their health is concerned.

The actor, producer, director, and author is one of the last living people of the Golden Age film industry. Kirk has not acted since 2003, but he and his wife Anne co-authored a book about their lives together that was released last May. The couple has been married for 63 years. Douglas still blogs from time to time. He is the oldest celebrity blogger still around.

Saturday's celebration

The well-known movie star celebrated with family and friends on Saturday as individuals stopped by his Beverly Hills home to wish him well on his special day. The 101-year-old actor also received birthday wishes on social media.

It is not often that a legendary actor lives to be that old.

Kirk's son, Michael Douglas, flew from New York to be with his father, whose footsteps he followed in and became an Oscar-winning actor. Michael didn't stay long because he wanted to be back in New York when his oldest son Cameron was about to become a father. The arrival of his baby girl would make Michael a grandfather and Kirk a great-grandfather.

Before Michael left, his brother Joel arrived, and the two brothers posed for a photo with their father in the middle. It was really cute when the three men held up their fingers that looked like the number 101.

Since Kirk's daughter-in-law, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, couldn't be there in person, but she used FaceTime to sing her rendition of "Happy Birthday" to the father-in-law she adores.

Acting in their blood

Kirk's granddaughter Kelsey was also among the family members. She is about to have a birthday herself. The daughter of Kirk's son, Peter, will turn 25 years old, and she is in the acting profession like her iconic grandfather and uncle. It seems like acting is in the Douglas' blood.

Three generations of them, Kirk, Michael, and Cameron, appeared together in the 2003 MGM's movie, "It Runs in the Family." It was the last film of Kirk's career that spanned over seven decades.

Others at the small gathering included people in Kirk's life who have been by his side over the years. Everyone enjoyed themselves as they visited him. They promised Kirk that they would be back to visit with him next year when he turns 102.