magic johnson and LeBron James have always held a strong amount of respect for each other, and have appreciated each other's similar yet unique abilities on the basketball court. This once again has been proven with a recent tweet from LeBron Raymone James in regards to the 58th Birthday of Magic 'Earvin' Johnson, from one of the greatest ever to another of the all time greats.

Magic Johnson turned 58 on the 14th of August, making it over 20 years since we last saw him on a basketball court playing in the NBA. Johnson spent his prime years in the 1980's and will forever be remembered for his title runs, domination over the sport and his rivalry with Larry Bird.

Although it's debatable, a lot of people will see Magic Johnson as the greatest Los Angeles Laker of all time.

LeBron wishes Johnson a happy birthday

LeBron James has been very active on social media during the offseason, posting many interesting and controversial items on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. It's seen on the Twitter page of @KingJames has wished Magic Johnson a happy birthday.

LeBron interestingly gave a little more insight into the post, it wasn't just the usual 'happy birthday' post. The King mentioned the impact Mr. Johnson has had on his life and has been one of the true friends of his who has never let him down and always showed him respect and love. Both legends of the National Basketball Association share similar skills on the court, especially the skill of passing the ball.

This is a huge reason they have so much respect and appreciation for each other.

More Lakers rumors to come

Los Angeles Lakers media and fans have been using every piece of evidence they can to suggest that LeBron James will be heading to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers in 2018.

Using tweets, appearances at summer league games, comments on the city, comments about players who play for the team and this recent tweet for Magic Johnson has been just another example of it.

Magic Johnson is currently the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers and is one of if not arguably the greatest Laker of all time.

This comment from King James has many people visualizing the King's mindset as wanting to play for Magic's team in 2018. And while there a lot of clues out there to suggest he will join LA in 2018, there are also a lot that suggests he won't. Only LeBron James knows what he wants to do, so we will just have to wait and see.