Cole Sprouse became known to the world through his work with the "Disney Channel." He took on the role of Cody in the hit-TV series "The Suite Life of Zach And Cody". He acted alongside his twin Dylan Sprouse and the pair rose to international fame. The series lead to spin-offs and a movie. However, since the twins were child actors they decided once "The Suite Life" was over that they would take a break from acting and try their hand at some real life experience. Cole Sprouse attended and graduated from University and has recently admitted he nearly quit acting for good.

The star wanted a pilot in a week

Cole Sprouse decided to take a step out of the limelight after starring on the Disney Channel show "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody." Cole and his brother Dylan both decided to attend university to get a shot at a normal life experience. One Cole graduated from New-York University he was hesitant to get back into the acting world. The 24-year-old went to California for one week and told his manager that if he had not booked anything, then, he was done.

Luckily for Cole, he landed a spot in the Netflix original TV show "Riverdale". Without the character of Jughead, the star would have given up on acting altogether. It is difficult for fans of the show to imagine anyone else playing the role of the sarcastic loner.

According to Cosmopolitan, Cole Sprouse admitted that he wanted a role where the character he was playing had real depth. He did not want the part of any two-dimension jock.

Sprouse bonded quickly with the character of Jughead. He told the public how he could relate to Jughead and his struggles. Sprouse has publicly opened up about his struggles dealing with celebrity life and he says that the loneliness to Jughead is echoed in the celebrity world.

'Riverdale' shows fans another side to Cole Sprouse

Jughead Jones is the character role that Cole Sprouse has taken on in "Riverdale". The show has seen a welcome return to the screen for the actor with many long-term fans celebrating the stars return. While fans are used to seeing Cole as a nerdy good-boy character from his Disney days, Cole's new role allows the public to see another side to the actor

Jughead is a misunderstood loner.

He is in many ways viewed as the bad boy in the town of Riverdale. His father is a criminal and, because of this, many parents don't want their children hanging out with him. The character deals with many issues including abandonment and a mistrusting nature. It has been surreal to see Sprouse bring such an emotionally centered character to life.

"Riverdale" season one can be watched on Netflix in its entirety. The series is due to return for its second season in October 2017. It has been confirmed that Sprouse will be taking on the role of Jughead once more.