Justice League has been soaring in theaters since it was launched on screen in November. However, some fans who followed the movie closely noticed that scenes appear to have been cut from the final production.

The movie’s cinematographer, Fabian Wagner, recently shared his insights about the missing black-suited Superman that would have been part of the movie but was not shown, Inverse reported. Wagner pointed at joss whedon for not including this particular scene in the final theatrical release.

This cinematographer is known for his works for both film and television.

Aside from “Justice League,” some of his recent projects include “Game Of Thrones,” “The Family,” “The White Queen,” and “Victor Frankenstein.”

It was previously rumored that Superman would appear wearing a black version of his suit as part of the movie’s adaptation of the comics. In the original comic book series, the titular superhero was resurrected after being killed by Doomsday and was wearing a black-colored suit emblazoned with a silver-colored “S” over his chest.

This was different from the usual attire of colors blue, red and yellow. This transformation has been noted as parallel to Spider-Man’s “symbiote costume” which was regarded in the movie adaptation as “Venom.”

Snyder and Whedon

Wagner further revealed that the change of directorial duties from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon was one of the reasons of this non-inclusion.

He added that Snyder “takes his time with telling the stories,” but there were some scenes “which unfortunately got cut.”

Whedon took over the directing job after Zack decided to take leave to spend more time with his family after a tragedy came to them. There were no official reports that particularly pointed out which parts of the movie were directed by Joss and which ones came when Zack was still in.

“Justice League” comes as a direct sequel to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” or the time that followed the Man Of Steel’s death at the hands of Doomsday. The first scenes in the recent DC movie showed people mourning his death.

More scenes cut

Wagner also noted that there were more scenes that were removed in the final release and not just the black-suited Man of Steel.

The cinematographer particularly referred to a particular scenario shown in the final trailer that was not seen in the actual film. In the scene, Alfred was seen speaking to a mysterious figure while repairing the Batmobile.

Alfred was heard telling the figure, “They said you’d come. Let’s hope you’re not too late.” This shot was credited to Snyder, according to Inverse. However, the director has not yet released any statement about the character that the old man is referring to.