Jackson “Jax” Geach is a professional Actor who has been performing for the past nine years, beginning in musical theater and moving to commercials, television, and movies. He has appeared in TV shows “Fresh Off The Boat,” the film “Baywatch,” and a PSA called “Love Has No Labels” where he appeared with his sister.

Aside from acting, he plays the ukulele and piano, plays soccer, dances, sings, and has recently started learning archery. He also volunteers with a charity called “Topsoccer” and supports Special Olympics soccer that is geared towards children with special needs.

Jackson recently granted us an exclusive interview where he discussed his career and more.

Acting, stage, screen, and roles

Meagan Meehan (MM): What initially sparked your interest in acting and what were your first roles?

Jackson Geach (JG): I have always been interested in singing and acting. I would sneak into my older sister’s room, turn on her CD player and sing my favorite songs. When I participated in a school talent show at the age of five, in front of a very large crowd, I really wanted to do more live performing. So, I started acting in our local theater. My first performances were Troy Bolton from “High School Musical Jr.” and Boq from “Wicked Jr.”.

MM: How did you find work in theater and what was it like moving into screen work?

JG: I participated in a lot of theaters that provided programs just for kids when I was younger, and as I got a bit older, moved to larger local adult productions. The theater stage is a great place to start. You learn a lot about being patient, how to conduct yourself in an acting atmosphere, and being confident in a live situation.

Moving to film and TV seemed like the next step to challenge myself. I took a lot of classes (and still do) to learn as much as I could before I got an agent. I started in commercial work and then it just naturally progressed. Television and film are completely different than theater, and I am thankful to have experience in all of them.

It really makes acting fun because no set of experiences are the same.

MM: Do you enjoy being on the stage or on the screen more and why?

JG: Gosh that’s a hard one, I guess I like both. I have gotten away from theater just because I haven’t had any opportunities in that area, as I don’t have theater representation or live in a major city where the theater is prominent. Being in front of a live audience and having the opportunity at times to sing is thrilling. However, I also love acting in films and television because of the process. It changes constantly, moves quicker, and the feedback is different but just as rewarding. It’s always amazing to me when I see myself in a Movie theater or on a network show.

They both have given me great experiences and memories I would never take back.

Characters, career, and current projects

MM: Of all the characters you’ve played, were any particularly memorable and what sorts of parts do you yearn to play most?

JG: I think one particularly memorable role I played was not memorable because it was a big role in a sense, but the experience it brought me. I had only been acting for about a year and a half when I booked a role as Billy in the recent movie, Baywatch 2017. I only had a few lines, but, it was an important part of the story. The real excitement was meeting and having a scene with of the most successful actors out there (Dwayne Johnson). It was a privilege that I don’t take lightly.

I love comedy and dramatic roles equally, but I would welcome the chance to able to play a DC or Marvel superhero as a dream role. I also find the new streaming sites to be really creative and think it would be fun to do something with them. Voicing a character in an animated movie or show is another opportunity I would love to have. I guess it seems that I would like to do everything. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

MM: You have lots of hobbies, so do you think they impact your acting career at all?

JG: I’m really focused on acting and singing, so a lot of my time revolves around practicing singing, playing the ukulele and piano, and taking acting classes. I am homeschooled so I can be as flexible as possible.

I really enjoy helping my dad with the Special Olympics soccer team that he coaches, as well as running 5ks and my guilty pleasures are video games. All of this definitely positively impacts my career.

MM: Where do you hope to go from here and can you tell us about your current projects and what you are most enjoying about them?

JG: As an actor who happens to be Asian, I would like to show the world that there can continue to be more diversity in films, television, and theater. I hope that more and more opportunities come my way so that I can inspire others to keep working toward their goals. I am currently cast as a lead character in an independent show that is in development, called “Transcend” TV series 2017.

It’s a really fun and exciting concept because there is a lot of action and I get to do a few stunts. And like Max, I should have some special “abilities” that will be fun to act out. “Transcend” is an independent project so it can take a bit longer than the network, but it’s an opportunity that I feel fortunate to be a part of. If all goes as planned, you can catch the first episode of the show in the spring of 2018 on Amazon. In the meantime I hope the auditions continue to come and that 2018 is a year full of opportunities.