Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton got engaged during the Season 3 finale of “Bachelor in Paradise” last summer, and he had moved out to California to live with her before the show even finished airing on ABC. The two reportedly had a rather volatile relationship, and they called it quits a few months after getting engaged. However, Josh and Amanda are seemingly trying to work things out, and he hasn't been all that shy about sharing updates. What's the latest?

Josh and Amanda's split didn't last long

Before Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton even officially confirmed the end of their “Bachelor in Paradise” engagement, they both had made it fairly clear via social media posts that they had split.

He moved back to Georgia, and she celebrated being single with her daughters and her friends. Only a couple of months later, however, they were spotted by photographers sharing a very public, and some would say obviously set up, smooch in California after having dinner together.

Now, Murray shares with People that while he's not officially back together with Stanton, they are working on things and trying to figure it all out. Josh says that the two are talking, but they seem to be moving more slowly this time around than after “Bachelor in Paradise,” as he did mention how much of a factor the distance is.

Murray says Stanton's girls call him Daddy

In a sign that Murray and Stanton may still be progressing a bit more quickly than some “Bachelor in Paradise, ” fans would think is wise, Josh toldinTouch that Amanda's daughters Charlie and Kinsley call him “Daddy.” He said that he's been spending a lot of time not only with his ex-fiancee, but with her daughter too, and that “The kids are already calling me Daddy and everything.”

Now, as dedicated “Bachelor in Paradise” fans know, Charlie and Kinsley already have a daddy, and his name is Nick Buonfiglio.

Amanda and Nick's relationship has been a strained one, but he does share custody of the girls with her, and he's been known to speak out about all of this drama regularly. In fact, it didn't take him long to push back against Josh's claims about the girls.

Nick says that Josh is using Amanda to improve his image, that Stanton has no real plans to reunite with Murray, and that the girls never call the “Bachelor in Paradise” star Daddy or even ask about him.

For her part, Stanton doesn't seem to be saying all that much about this situation at this point. Will Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton successfully reunite and end up getting married, officially making him a stepfather to Charlie and Kinsley, or will this "Bachelor in Paradise" couple eventually go their separate ways for good?