Josh Murray made headlines a couple of years ago because of Andi Dorfman's book about her relationship with him. As she wrapped up “The Bachelorette” and got engaged to him, fans thought that these two were meant to be together. He never expected that his name would end up in a book about their relationship where she would call him emotionally abusive.

He denied everything that she wrote in the book, calling it fiction, so when Amanda Stanton started dating him after their short romance on “Bachelor in Paradise,” fans were curious to know if he was indeed the good guy who had been painted in a bad light or if Andi’s stories about him were indeed very true.

It didn't take long for the romance to sour and Amanda quickly confirmed that perhaps Josh was indeed a very controlling and emotionally abusive guy, who simply put on one persona on the show, but was quite another behind closed doors.

He wasn't happy with Andi's book

It didn't take long for Josh and Amanda to break up and within weeks, they were already saying things about one another in the press. Recently, a story surfaced about Josh supposedly wanting to get back together with Amanda, but he was quick to set the story straight on Twitter, revealing that he had absolutely no interest in getting back together with her. This week, Josh decided to tweet that there's nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident in her belief in God and not being afraid to show it.

Perhaps he has found someone who is deeply religious and has no problem showing her religious dedication and devotion, especially since he is a very religious guy.

But it's also possible that he's trying to take a stab at two ex-girlfriends who are related to the “Bachelor” franchise, as neither of them really appear to be super religious.

Is he going after Amanda Stanton?

It could also be a dig at Amanda specifically, as it is very well-known that Andi didn't seem to be a super religious woman when she was filming “The Bachelorette.” She was more interested in finding love and an everlasting relationship that would result in marriage.

As for Amanda, she did hint that she was religious and that she just wanted the right guy for herself and her two daughters.

For a while, it did look like it was working out, but now Josh is revealing on Twitter that he finds it very attractive when a girl isn't holding back her religious beliefs. He also revealed that it's super sexy when she decides to show it to the world.

What do you think about Josh Murray's comments about women being sexy when they don’t hide their religious beliefs? Do you think he's found someone else or do you think he's making a comment about one of his ex-girlfriends?