Two months ago, I spoke about the new entries in the web domain Announced at Jump Fiesta 2017, this Movie is expected to be released in 2018 and it will be the OVA 20. Yet further details about this new movie can be obtained by accessing the domain A report by also provided a lot of information for this article.

So far, there are no trailers or images regarding this new movie, but what we can find in the web domain is some summarized information about it.

So far, I know that the script and the main character’s design are being made by Akira Toriyama himself and that the plot will center on the Saiyans as the most powerful race of the universe.

According to what Toriyama informed the fans, Yamoshi is the name of the main character, and the story will tell us about his birthing and how he transformed into the first Super Saiyan ever. It is hard to think about a Dragon Ball movie in which Son Goku isn’t the main character or that he will not appear in it whatsoever. For this reason, I think it is quite risky to make assumptions about what is going to be the details of the movie’s content so far.

One thing is certain, though, and that is that the movie is expected to be released on December 2018, a date on which we will finally discover the origins of one of the most powerful races of all.

JUMP Fiesta and the new movie of 'Dragon Ball'

The JUMP Fiesta has begun and its coming strong with this new announcement. Regarding the series, I’ve got no news so far, but I am expecting to have news very soon.

I don’t know yet if this movie will have any relation with the “Dragon Ball Super” saga, and if so, how it will add to the plot, yet adding some background content to the story and maybe some parallel events is really an interesting idea.

One can only wonder if this new movie, such as the last two did, will be adapted to fit the “Dragon Ball Super” plot. Anyway, I expect to gather more information in the next few months in order to better understand how this movie will fit in the “Dragon Ball” universe.

The history of the Saiyajins

To personal taste, I believe that they have succeeded in telling us the history of the Saiyajins, since from the beginning of the series I have learned very little about the origin and existence of the Saiyajins of the universe.

In addition to this, I believe that this film is directly related to the recent statements of Akira Toriyama, in which he reveals the name of the original Super Saiyan God, that is, Yamoshi.

Thank you for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until next time!