Yesterday, while we were discussing episode 118 of “Dragon Ball Super” and Gohan’s awakening against the Namek warriors, official information regarding which universe will be destroyed next was leaking out. Which is the cruel fate that awaits Champa’s Universe?

According to the synopsis of episode 119 released by the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, some terrible news is just around the corner. Firstly, it mentions the intervention of Universe 4’s hidden warrior as the Tournament of Power enters its final stage, a stage that begins with the destruction of Universe 6.

That’s right guys; it seems that in episode 118 we will have to wave goodbye to Champa and his team. Even though they were thought to survive, the Namekian warriors Saoneru and Pirina will be no match for Gohan’s full power. And ultimately it will be Son Goku’s son the one to seal Universe 6’s grim fate.

Due to the importance Universe 6 has achieved during all of “Dragon Ball Super,” we can expect an episode filled with emotions and sadness, after all, this will mean the death of Beerus’s brother along with many characters that managed to make their way through our hearts. Let’s see how Toei manages to edit the scene so that the remaining warriors do not give up on hope.

Universe 6 may be destroyed, but hopes are on Universe 7 victory and the wish that may bring everyone back to life!.

Universes 6 and 2 disappear

There wasn’t much relevance given to the destruction of Universe 2 yet, as not much information about this event was given out. What we do know is that in episode 118 Goku will interrupt Frieza’s battle and eventually throw the remaining warriors from Universe 2 out of the arena, sealing their fate.

Summarizing, it would seem that two Universes will be destroyed in the same episode. This will surely make the tensions rise, and will make an excellent introduction to the last stages of the Tournament of Power. What do you guys think about this?. Will you miss the next episodes of the series?

Additional Information

Episode 118 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on December 3.

It will feature the showdown between Saonil and Pirina of Universe 6 against Piccolo and Gohan of Universe 7.Fans are expecting that it will showcase another universe being erased from the multiverse after all of its fighters are eliminated in the Tournament of Power.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available, as we wait for the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super."