"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that more murder could be in the future. As "DOOL" fans know, death is a common storyline on the NBC soap opera, and many characters have lost their lives in Salem. Most recently, Deimos Kiriakis was the victim of murder, and the case is still open with the Salem police, even though "Days" fans know that Nicole Walker is to blame for his death.

Is death coming to 'DOOL' yet again?

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers and news from Soap Hub, a former villain is on her way back to Salem in the form of Vivian Alamin.

Vivian has a dark past when it comes to her history in Salem. She has caused a lot of chaos over the years, including shocking storylines such as stealing Kate Roberts and Victor Kiriakis' embryo and having it implanted in her own womb, which resulted in her giving birth to the couple's son, Philip Kiriakis. Vivian also was involved in one of the soap opera's biggest storylines, which featured Viv drugging Carly Manning and burying her alive. Vivian then proceeded to torture Carly, and nearly killed her before her then-love, Bo Brady, rescued her from the grave.

Vivan returns to Salem, but she won't be alone

With the return of Vivian looming, "Days Of Our Lives" fans are now wondering what trouble she will cause when she returns to Salem at the end of the year.

Vivian is scheduled to return to "DOOL" around New Year's Eve, and she won't be alone. She'll head back to town with a brand new character at her side played by actor Tyler Christopher. Christopher is rumored to be playing a character named Stefan, who likely has some major connections to the DiMera family. Vivian and Stefan will likely have big plans for some Salem residents, but will those plans include murder?

Vivian has been ruthless in the past, and there is no telling what she may be planning to do upon her return. Anyone could be a target for Vivian and Stefan, including Victor, Kate, Maggie, Chad, Andre, and all the rest of Salem's finest.

Everyone will be on edge when Vivian returns to start trouble in 2018

While it is unconfirmed what damage Vivian may do when she returns to "Days of our Lives," it seems safe to say that she will bring some major drama and everyone in Salem should be looking over their shoulder while she's in town. "DOOL" viewers can watch Vivian's return in late December, when she rings in the new year with her shocking return and continues to wreak havoc in the new year.