Discovery Channel has the best surprise for the fans of “Alaskan Bush People” because it’s bringing the Browns back for the holidays. DC’s holiday opener will feature an all-star cast episode of the “ABP” filmed in Colorado where they will celebrate Christmas the traditional Brown way. Meanwhile, it seems like, aside from this Christmas Special, another installment of the series will be debuting anytime soon and it might feature another member of the Brown family - Joshua Bam Bam Brown II.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, various sources are convinced that the second eldest son of Ami and Billy has something up under his sleeves.

The timeline of his appearances on the show and of his absence during crucial family moments add up the rumors.

Appearing on the Discovery Channel offices

To cut to the chase, the “Alaskan Bush People” star’s rumored TV show might still be under the same production as their family’s popular reality series. Monster and Critics first noted this possibility, saying, Bam Bam might be working on a new TV project with his current girlfriend, Allison Kagan.

This project will most probably revolve around the couple’s life together and their journey of renovating a ferry they bought back in 2016 which they eventually named “Fathom This.”

Assumptions on Bam and Allison’s new project arose when the latter posted their selfie outside the Discovery Communications, Inc.

offices in Los Angeles. The same company takes credits in their family’s reality show that aired in DC for seven seasons.

To confirm their location in the photo, check out the actual place through a google map capture of the location below.

More proofs - cameras and crew

Before all this, the 33-year-old TV personality’s purchase of an old luxury yacht stirred a massive backlash from people following his journey. While some say it’s uncalled for, now the reason behind such a transaction is becoming apparent. Bam Bam’s absence on the show and his ferry renovation could be linked to a secret project orchestrated by the DC team.

It has become known that the couple was being followed by a camera crew during their outing in Louisiana.

While it's thought that Bam Bam had quit the “Alaskan Bush People” for privacy concerns, The Hollywood Gossip contradicted this by noting that he was spotted in Colorado during the time the rest of the Browns were filming their Christmas Special. This could confirm Bam’s return to the show after his absence in the past season.

For now, everything remains under close monitoring for potential spoilers on “ABP’s future and other matters revolving the beloved nomadic family.

Alaskan Bush People” returns for a very special Christmas episode on the Discovery Channel this coming Friday, December 15 at 10:00 PM E.T.