Alaskan Bush People” fans and supporters are suddenly singing, “You better watch out/ You better not cry/ Better not pout and the Discovery Channel is telling them why: the showing is coming to back to the TV screens for a new Christmas Special happening during the holidays.

Based on Discovery Channel’s new television schedule announcement, the “Alaskan Bush PeopleChristmas special will be aired on Friday, December 15 at 10/9c, TV Insider reported.

This announcement puts an end to the long-running rumors about the reality show’s return for an eighth season.

Several news outlets have reported that the “ABP” season 8 was being filmed when the family went to Colorado with mom Ami Brown.

It turns out that the cast is prepping for their annual Christmas offering which they termed the “Bushmas.” Although it was filmed during Halloween, it was still consistent with show's previous season which was filmed by the month of November.

What’s Christmas like in the bush?

“Bushmas” is basically the Brown family tradition which is celebrated Alaskan Bush style. The Brown siblings fondly recall their Christmas experience. Matt says there’s a lot of variety going on up there where they get different types of gifts and the experience has a different vibe and feel to it.

Bam says he even received feed bullets from Gabe while Matt once had a salmon and seaweed. And for whatever they get, the siblings are still thankful for it.

Aside from activities like knife throwing, some high-air target shooting and other interesting stuff people don’t usually do in the cities, Gabe once said that their Christmas is quite different from the lower 48 where people hang their sacks near the fireplace.

Meanwhile, in the bush, they take off their sacks and hang them up instead.

Moreover, unlike most people who celebrate Christmas on December 25, the Brown family does not follow that tradition because of they live a remote life and most of the time lose track of the calendar dates.

According to Billy, they are basing their activities on the changing seasons.

Bam Bam, on the other hand, has a simpler explanation for it, saying, “Today is Christmas because it feels like Christmas.”

Rainy’s namesake

Even though the family often lose track of the year and time, they never missed a chance of celebrating their own Christmas. Living proof to this tradition is Rainy Brown whose real first name is Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop.

For the youngest Brown sibling, instead of just sitting in the living room, their family opt to get out of their houses and enjoy the great outdoors and spend Christmas there with some strange little critters.

Excited for “Alaskan Bush PeopleChristmas special? Below is a little throwback from last years episode,