Duggar Family Official Facebook page posted up some photos of the little kids baking Christmas treats. While some people complained that the kids were not getting taught basic hygiene and should have their hair up, InTouchWeekly used the photo to illustrate another point.

They ran a story about how fans are not happy with Tyer's name as it doesn't start with a 'J." They noted that he "doesn't fit in."

Tyler not known by some Duggar fans

While some fans think he doesn't fit in, others are not sure who he is at all.

One person asked the question on Facebook, "I know who the girls are in this picture, but I don't recognize the little boy. Who is he," asked Cindy. "They all have grown so much!"

Well, as others pointed out, he is Tyler and he was recently adopted by Jim and Michelle Duggar.

The backstory according to InTouchWeekly

According to the article by InTouchWeekly, his mother Rachel is the niece of Michelle Duggar. Rachel fell pregnant as a teenager and the boy was in the custody of her mom, Carolyn who is Michelle's sister.

Carolyn had a stroke and was unable to care for Tyler. At this time, according to InTouchWeekly, Rachel "went through a string of financial and legal woes.

At the time she was also homeless and unemployed," and that's when Jim and Michelle stepped in.

Angry people slam the Duggars

There were some angry people when they read about Rachel being homeless. In particular, one post was shared to the Anti-Duggar Alliance on Facebook.

"So here's my problem with this in nutshell," read the post.

"How in the h*ll can people who are so 'family oriented' and espouse 'Christian values' allow a relative to be homeless."

Well, the article gives no indication that Rachel was left homeless and penniless, and certainly, Tyler was taken in by the Duggar family.

Perhaps this was a hasty judgment. However, it is a valid question.

But so far there has been no further comment about Tyler by the Duggar family. They did ask a while back when they posted photos of Tyler enjoying his birthday party, that people give him some space. However, it seems if you are a star from '19 Kids and Counting,' or 'Counting On,' there is no privacy at all.

What do you think about the Duggars adopting Tyler? Did they 'allow' Rachel to be homeless and financially embarrassed? Do you think its fair to make a big issue about the letter his name starts with? You can leave your comments and thoughts in the comments section below.

In the meantime, you can watch a video about it here.