Alaskan Bush People” star Ami brown is rumored to have been transferred to a set location in Colorado to film the upcoming eighth season of their famous reality show. Although this intel has not been proven yet amid photos of the Brown family surfacing online, another tip says she’s on board back to Los Angeles to resume her second round of chemo.

The treatment of Ami’s Stage IV lung cancer has been put on hold. Read the full story here – Alaskan Bush People’ [VIDEO].

According to an unnamed tipster from the filming set, the cancer-stricken-mother-of-seven is traveling back to continue her radiation and treatment at the UCLA Hospital where she has been staying since her health deteriorated earlier this year.

Another source of information regarding Brown family sightings, Alaskan Bush people Exposed shared a post saying, “The Browns are back in CA, and Ami is going to finish round 2 of chemo.”

Meanwhile, according to the article shared by In Touch Weekly, 54-year-old Ami is very positive that she will overcome her cancer. Amid her current physical state, she persists on battling and pushing herself having “the will to fight” for her life.

Last known update on Ami

Her daughter Rainy is the first person to reveal that she will undergo the second round of chemo last October 21. She shared that they had a mom-daughter bonding moment one Saturday morning doing stuff they usually do back in the Alaskan Bush.

However, Rainy explained that she cannot reveal further details of Ami’s condition and treatment schedule but reassured everyone that their family remains “hopeful and faithful.”

On traveling cancer patients

Fans and supporters are truly excited for the Season 8 to arrive. The new Browntown in Colorado also gives merit to avid “ABP” viewers’ anticipation.

However, not everyone is happy about the filming because it puts Ami’s health to a grave threat by traveling back and forth to California and Centennial State.

Note that Ami’s condition is in its later stage and no sign of it getting better has been reported even up to this day. Based on a study conducted by Cancer Research UK, while most people who have cancer can travel without problems, there are still times when it's best not to travel.

The report adds that this is because of changes in pressure or the amount of oxygen in the cabin of the transportation vehicle.

Cancer patients who have had surgery or a transplant, have a low level of platelets or red blood cells in the blood. As a result, they get tired quickly after doing a bit of movement and must be accompanied or permitted by a doctor.