In a shocking upset, Democratic nominee Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama special election. Responding to the news were big Hollywood Stars who did so across social media.

Roy Moore's defeat

It all started just one month ago when the Washington Post broke their bombshell report accusing Republican Roy Moore of various acts of sexual assault and harassment. The paper cited 30 sources to back up their claims, using the testimonies of four women in the process. Moore, as expected, denied all the allegations, which led to even more women coming out to tell their own stories, which included alleged assault when she was only 16 years old.

Many Republicans were conflicted about the news, but Democrats and the left went all in with their opposition, including many celebrities who pushed hard to help Democrat Doug Jones get the victory. As reported by the Associated Press on December 12, Jones walked out the winner.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Doug Jones was declared the winner with 50 percent of the vote over Roy Moore's 49 percent. The results were stunning, making Jones the first Democrat to win a senate race in Alabama in over 30 years.

Reaction came quick, as Hollywood were quick to give their thoughts.

Hollywood reacts

"Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity, Alabama. And thank you for fighting for what’s right, @GDouglasJones," actress Alyssa Milano tweeted out. "I can’t believe what’s happening in Bama," author Stephen King tweeted.

"Oh happy day!

Goodness has prevailed in Alabama. Congratulations to Doug Jones. What a major achievement," actor George Takei wrote. "The 1% victory is the hope we have all been looking for. We are all that 1%. Going 'all in' for Roy No Moore by the President will haunt him in the coming elections," actress Jamie Lee Curtis. "I HAD MILLIONS OF MEAN THINGS TO SAY IF MOORE WON…..


"Alabama, survivors say thank you," Rose McGowan posted to her social media account.

"This is one great step forward. Let us not rest on this. Let this encourage and empower us that every vote counts,"actress Emmy Rossum noted.

"Alabama voters do the right thing!! Decency & Democracy survive. The lying mentally ill misogynist is one step closer to the door," director Rob Reiner went on to say. The reaction continued on social media, as many cheered Doug Jones for pulling out the win over Roy Moore in the red state of Alabama..