It is another Christmas for the Duggar family which of course means that the family will be baking Christmas treats in the kitchen. However, some Duggar fans think that the children were not practicing the proper hygiene when they were baking these treats. This made some people angry because the family gives these treats to the rest of the community, so a few fans want to make sure that nobody will get sick from eating the baked goods. It is also worth mentioning that Johanna has taken over for Jana as the leader and supervisor of the baking for this year’s Christmas.

You can now continue to read below to find out what these fans were saying about the Duggar’s Christmas baking.

Why are people saying that the Duggar kids don’t follow good hygiene?

The main reason why some people believe that the Duggar Kids don’t follow good hygiene is because of a picture that was posted online of the children while they were baking. The picture showed two of the Duggar kids being supervised by Johanna as they were baking for the Christmas holiday. In the Facebook photograph, the girls did not have their long hair in a ponytail which made some people angry. For example, one Duggar fan commented under the picture, saying: “It would be nice to teach the importance of hygiene in the kitchen by putting long hair back in a ponytail.” Another fan then commented, “I always tie my hair back before cooking.” I have actually attached the Facebook photo below so you can see what all of the fuss is about.

Why was Jana not supervising the kids this year?

As mentioned above, Jana used to supervise the Duggar children when they were baking Christmas goods. Well, Jana may now not have the time to help the kids bake as she apparently has a new boyfriend named Caleb Williams. The pair were spotted together at a restaurant, and apparently, Williams was also present at the Duggar family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

It is also worth mentioning that the couple has not confirmed that they are courting just yet. However, it is being speculated online that Williams is not as religious as the Duggar family, so he probably isn’t into the whole courting situation. This could mean that the couple is only casually dating, although this family do not date, instead, they follow the practice of entering a courtship. Although the family have been a lot more open-minded lately, so the pair are probably just dating and don’t want to make a big deal of it.