There’s no shortage of conspiracy theories when it comes to the Duggar family, but rumors of Joy-Anna Duggar’s shotgun wedding have officially reached an all-time high. While we wait for her to have her first child with husband Austin Forsyth, her recent post on social media left fans wondering if The Birth has already taken place. Are the "Counting On" stars hiding the birth of their firstborn to avoid the shotgun wedding rumors?

Are Joy-Anna and Forsyth hiding something?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Joy-Anna recently shared a photo of herself and Forsyth traveling to Mississippi to attend a wedding.

The photo was taken from the chest up and doesn’t show her baby bump. While there may be plenty of reasons why Duggar doesn’t want to display her pregnancy belly, some fans speculated that she didn’t look pregnant at all. This led some to believe that the "Counting On" couple is hiding something and that they had already given birth weeks ago.

Did Duggar already have the baby?

You can’t tell if Joy-Anna is pregnant based on the photo, which was taken on board an airplane. That said, some fans pointed out that she shouldn’t be flying while pregnant. There are no rules against flying when expecting a child, but it generally isn’t a good idea. This, of course, adds more to the notion that Duggar already had the baby when she took the pic.

Whatever the truth, the expected due date for Duggar’s baby is in February, so it won’t be long before we know the truth.

Inside Joy-Anna’s shotgun wedding

Joy and Austin Forsyth have not addressed the shotgun wedding rumors. According to In Touch Weekly, rumors of a shotgun wedding surfaced after the couple shared the first photo of Joy-Anna’s baby bump earlier this year.

While the image wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, fans speculated that Duggar looked a lot further along than three months, the time that lapsed between the wedding and pregnancy announcement. The Duggar family hasn’t said much about the pregnancy, so it’s hard to tell whether or not she was pregnant before she tied the knot.

Unfortunately, the family’s unwillingness to address the rumors has only fueled them even further.

Is the Duggar family embarrassed by Joy-Anna’s pregnancy?

If Duggar did get pregnant before the wedding, her actions would go against her family’s strict conservative values. As "Counting On" fans are aware, the Duggars place strict rules on all of their daughters while they are courting, including limited physical touch and supervised dates. They do not allow sex before marriage, and such a scandal would rock the family. In addition to the recent image on social media, Radar Online reports that the family did not include Joy-Anna and Forsyth in the family’s group photo on Thanksgiving. It isn’t clear why she was omitted from the photo, but the action left fans wondering if the Duggars are trying to hide her pregnancy to avoid further embarrassment.

Joy-Anna Duggar has not announced an official due date but is expected to have the baby in early February.