A complex TV Series that catches herds of fans is what gives a television longtime high-audience rates. In a truly competitive and harsh environment where the innovation and twist are present on a daily basis, 'This Is Us' seems to have established itself as a huge dot on the radar. Its second season is digging deeper behind the smoke screen unfolding its characters complete persona.

Some may say that its just another soapy TV production but the truth is that 'This Is Us' is raising the bar for any future TV dramas. Some other interesting facts may a have a room in this debate.

Like any TV series, positive ratings are what keeps the thing alive and well. Season 2 is airing at the moment, and it's fair to assume that the constantly expanding fan base will help to prevent any cancellation thought in the near future.

'This Is Us' comes with a complex narrative recipe

The first season of the show saw the pendulum swinging in-between a single past time compartment and the present tense. But, as the Season 2 gathered momentum, things became trickier. The viewer has witnessed a deeper submergence as the narrative thread has been split one more time.

While exploring all the narrative levels, the camera follows the characters during their daily routine seeking and exposing all their inner fears, secret thoughts and expectations.

It's a meticulous operation that needs time to solve the puzzle. That is the first hint that 'This Is Us' can survive at the top for years. The chances for the story to become boring are practically zero, at least following the current trend.

Branchy seasons with a smart airing schedule

'This Is Us' stands for a fragile yet perfect equilibrium on all of its levels.

That means the general structure follows a well-defined pattern. Each season consists of 18 episodes each, but there is a break right in the middle. Basically, the series follows that fall-spring pattern of airing which makes a long season easier to digest.

According to IMDB, 'This Is Us' has been confirmed for the Season 3.

The spring of 2018 will see Season 2 coming to an end while the fall of the next year is set to bring up the third chunk of the puzzle out for scrutiny. Finally, the spring of 2019 will give a sense of the direction this show is heading to.

'This Is Us' and the longtime survival

Usually, a TV series will find it hard to pass the test of time due to various reasons. In order to avoid an unfortunate cancellation or anything similar, producers tend to make some compromises to keep those rating numbers above the buoyancy line.

When it comes to 'This Is Us' some may argue that the current premises are enough to ensure a long life for the show, but it may not be that easy. Dealing with 18 episodes per season stretch, it may come down as a pure matter of finding the right dosage.