Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) is by far the most intriguing character in 'This Is Us' TV series. A father of three and a beloved husband, Jack acts like a person who has discovered the secret to a safe passage through day-to-day struggle. Jack Pearson stands at the crossroads of all the narrative threads making him the pillar of the entire story. His behavior can also impact the overall dynamic of things.

Untangling the mystery that surrounds his death is perhaps the main goal of every single viewer. It seems like his death changed how the narrative unfolded and the characters closest to him (his wife and his children) were subject to inevitable change.

Jack Pearson and his two facets

At large, Jack Pearson has two opposite sides. The first was unveiled as the image of a perfect father starting with the first episodes of the Season 1. As the story progressed, some cracks started to reach out the surface. Jack Pearson's dark side includes a tumultuous relationship with an abusive father, an alcohol issue, and the trauma being a Vietnam War veteran. All these are a dangerous cocktail that can turn things upside down at any moment.

There is another aspect of Jack's life that has been introduced recently. He seems to have had a brother. That picture shows them both wearing military uniforms, and the location where it had been taken seems to be the war-field of Vietnam.

Jack having a brother emerged during the deepest temporal digression the narration took. An apparent short stop en route to a fishing party eventually had Jack and his brother waiting in a car for hours while their father was drinking himself to death.

Jack and his brother Nicky might be at a core of a new narrative thread yet to be discovered.

Their mission in Vietnam can also deliver some extra drama into an already river-of-tears-generating TV drama.

Jack Pearson and the omnipresence feel

It's extraordinary how Jack Pearson character continues to influence the way others act. The narration sets the stage years after his death, but Rebecca and all three children are still revolving around Jack's presence.

Every action they undertake must enter 'Wha Jack would think?' filter. Under these circumstances, unveiling the mystery of his death gains even more attention. Moreover, judging the way things are evolving, this drama has the potential to go on for several seasons without making any compromise regarding its quality during the process.