TV Series "This Is Us" produced by NBC hit the air last year. Since its premiere, it has been on a rising trend, amassing thousands and thousands of hungry-for-something-special viewers. It's extraordinary how a topic such as a day-to-day American family can be transformed into a mind-boggling scenario under the right guidance. That's what "This Is Us" stands for - a vivid representation of the average people. There is no high goal to run after other than the day-in-day-out struggle. This unique drama delivers an overwhelming no-filter simplicity that does nothing but to seed in a very complex narrative flow.

What makes 'This Is Us' different from any family drama

The element of surprise comes from the path the narrative threads follow. There is no special pattern or something similar. Although the first season had a certain 'then' vs 'now' feature, that narrative habit ended once Season 2 started. The Viewer witnessed an even deeper dive into the past. Basically, there are multiple multi-layered 'then' temporal axes and a single 'now'.

To compile a maze-like narrative plot requires something special, especially since all that entanglement must surface into a coherent form in the end. Moreover, each one of those digressions isn't a random choice. Every chunk of the past presented has a direct consequence in the present tense.

And once again, the multi-layered vision of the past as a general thing gives the viewer a chance to scope in even deeper into characters' personas.

Watching the show, viewers are injected with the idea that some of the facts presented could happen to them too or no their neighbors. It's that raw, without-a-curtain technique that brings the action closer to those watching.

As a result, the emotions created within the drama can easily travel on to the viewers triggering their soft parts as well.

The end won't deliver a closure-like feeling

Given the way "This Is Us" has evolved, it's hard to anticipate how things will be arranged in the end. And that's good simply because it guarantees that the regular path of the average TV show won't unfold its predictability line in here.

Every episode comes with a new facet into the light which makes the plot even more attractive. It's not chaos, it's a perfectly ordered universe where the ambiguity element is a decoy, a smoke screen that acts like the last defense filter in-between characters and the couch-sitting viewer.