Wendy Williams relayed to her talk show audience Wednesday morning what happened and how she felt during Tuesday’s live broadcast when she fainted. Williams, who was in full costume as a glitzy Statue of Liberty, passed out at approximately 48 minutes into the program.

She was just about to announce and introduce the winner of “The Wendy Williams’ Show” annual Halloween costume contest when viewers noticed that something was wrong, as Williams’ speech became impaired.

Host emphasized that fainting wasn’t a ‘joke’ or a prank

Beginning Tuesday’s broadcast, Williams sat in her purple chair, as she nearly always does during her opening segment, while she generally delves into “Hot Topics.” She addressed her audience – she fondly references as her co-hosts – and told everyone, in no uncertain terms, that “it was not a joke” when she fainted before a live audience.

She reminded everyone that she is quite tall and “it’s a long way down.” She assured them that she was not pulling some kind of Halloween stunt or prank, ABC News reported.

Producers were talking on Tuesday, but Williams heard not a word

As producers were prepping the stage and Williams for the program segment featuring the costume contest winner during a commercial break, she described feeling a bit hot and woozy. She also stated that she had not heard anything the producers relayed.

While the audience observed that Williams was experiencing speech difficulty, she elaborated on how those moments felt from her perspective, sharing that it was “really scary.” She told herself not to “pull the podium over,” saying that it would have made it “worse,” US Magazine wrote.

Williams was visibly shaken while reliving Tuesday’s broadcast segment.

Paramedics checked Williams after she passed out, electrolytes were low

Paramedics were on-scene. She said that she didn’t even have as much as a headache or feel any aching in her body on Wednesday. Williams also refuted speculation that she may have had a stroke or a heart attack.

She stated that her work ethic may have led to her pushing herself too far. Paramedics told her that her electrolytes were low. Both her blood pressure and her heart rate checked out fine, she said.

Show’s host thanked people for well wishes, assures she’s "here for a long time"

The talk show host also acknowledged receiving flowers, tweets, and well wishes, thanking everyone.

Williams quipped that anyone thinking that she was having a stroke, trying to get her purple chair next, is out of luck. She assured, “I’m here for a long time.”

Wednesday’s show also featured a segment with Shereé Whitfield, from the case of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (ROHA). Williams discussed Whitfield’s Atlanta home, which is dubbed “Chateau Shereé.” Whitfield stated that being an empty nest parent, and living alone, doesn’t affect her. The guest said she loves to entertain and that her house always has people, meaning friends and family. She noted that her loved ones know they always have a place to go.

Whitfield and Williams briefly discussed NeNe Leakes’ return to Bravo’s Housewives franchise this season.

She characterized Leakes’ returning to the cast as feeling good and feeling a bit like the past. She also stated that RHOA cast member Kenya Moore is much more pleasant this season.

Another show segment entailed the host going to her hometown of Asbury Park, New Jersey. The Asbury Park Fire Department met up with Williams and the Volunteer American Red Cross Team. They visited a home located on Wendy Williams Way where they installed the Red Cross’ 1 millionth smoke alarm.

As Williams’ representative pointed out on Tuesday, November 13 will denote the 1500th “Wendy Williams Show.”