Farrah Abraham recently told her fans that she was fired from "Teen Mom OG" for appearing in adult entertainment films alongside "Teen Mom." According to Farrah, Viacom, MTV's parent company, originally fired her for appearing in a CamSoda webcam show, where she was going to perform a very explicit solo. However, it was reported that although she was doing the show for charity, she didn't follow through with the original promise, and stated that CamSoda (which she calls ScamSoda) had "over-promised" her show to the patrons. As a result, they had to give a refund to almost everyone who came to watch Farrah's "show," as she spent her time dissing MTV and Viacom.

"Why has filming stopped?"

Farrah Abraham stated that she spoke to the higher-ups at Viacom, who confirmed that she had not breached her contract with them. Originally, Farrah thought they were throwing her under the bus for having performed in adult entertainment, however, her career in these types of films and web shows dates back to 2013. If that had been the case, Farrah would have been fired from "Teen Mom OG" several years ago instead of being allowed to continue on the show. In a social media rant, Farrah pointed fingers at several of the "Teen Mom" producers, saying that they are the reason she is no longer on the show. Farrah also referred to herself as the "biggest star on the show."

"Sad such a phenomenal show will no longer have its biggest talent on the show because of women hating, sex shaming, hate crimes, selfish, Weinstein company power trip behavior against a professional hard working, honest mother," Farrah wrote on her Facebook.

Fired because no one likes her?

One theory that has been tossed around by several media outlets, including Hollywood Gossip, is that Farrah was fired because the cast and crew had finally had enough of her antics. The mom-of-one as been notoriously difficult to work with on the set of the show, and even went off on one of the "Teen Mom" producers in an aired segment of the show.

Not only did she berate and insult him, but she also told him that she "made" the show. She has engaged in several online spats with her fellow cast members, most famously including Amber Portwood. On a reunion episode of "Teen Mom OG," the pair almost came to blows over an argument about the names Farrah and her then-boyfriend, Simon Saran, threw at Amber and her then-boyfriend, Matt Baier, via social media.