Talk Show Host Wendy Williams, 53, fainted during the live broadcast of her morning program on yesterday. Quite a scare for her, as well as for her audience and staff on Halloween. She was dressed up as a glistening, glitzy Statue of Liberty for the special program, preparing to introduce the show’s winner of this year’s Halloween costume contest.

Speech was affected before host collapsed

As Williams stated, “We do it every year.” She added, “It’s always a lot of fun.” Just as she set to bring the winner on-stage, audience members and viewers alike discerned and her speech was affected.

She said, “Let’s get started.” As she tried to say the word “guest,” it came out confused and didn’t make any sense. Her lips pursed and her eyes widened. Williams, then, started stumbling backward. Right after she raised her hand toward her head, she collapsed on-stage.

Staff rushed to assist on-stage, ‘not a stunt’ but overheated and dehydrated

A producer and additional stagehands rushed to Williams’s side, and the screen faded black. Following a commercial break, Williams appeared composed and smiling. She explained, “That was not a stunt.”

She also said that she was overheated in her costume and that she did “pass out.” Williams assured the audience that she was okay by stating that she’s “a champ” and also “I’m back.” FOX News reported that medical professionals examined Williams and stated that she was dehydrated.

TV host is okay, ‘never missed a day of work’

A representative for Williams also told FOX that the host is okay. Williams will address the on-air scare during today’s program broadcast. Her representative elaborated that Williams has “never missed a day of work.”

In addition to the incident which startled and frightened people during yesterday’s Halloween broadcast, Jerry O’Connell appeared on the show.

He was in full costume as the trio of pregnant Kardashian sisters – Kim, Khloé, and Kylie.

During the “Ask Wendy” show segment, O’Connell appeared, once again, in drag as First Lady Melania Trump. He joined Williams in answering audience members’ questions and was quite humorous when he improved responses blended with animated body language.

Another show segment featured Dave Mizejewski, of the National Wildlife Federation. Billed as “spooky animals,” the segment delivered as promised when Mizejewski introduced a blood python, a red tegu lizard, and sibling leopard cubs.

Costume, makeup, and lights culprits in passing out

After yesterday’s show, William tweeted that she passed out as a result of being “overheated,” which she attributed to the weight of the costume she wore, the makeup, and the lights. Her Statue of Liberty costume was a Ceasar Galindo design, according to People. The costume included a sparkly crown, a green wig, a long-sleeve sequin dress, and matching heels.

Williams tweeted she ‘slayed’ Halloween

On Twitter, Williams also stated, “Everybody relax.” She said she just needed water and electrolytes.

She infused a dose of humor into her tweet by saying, “I slayed and laid Halloween, LOL!” Her representative also relayed that the host did finish the show “in true Wendy spirit.”

Williams’ 1500th show is set to broadcast on November 13, her representative stated. The host is very much looking forward to the upcoming show. The Los Angeles Times also noted that medical professionals examined Williams.