Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham have been the only moms of the "Teen Mom" franchise not to have a second child. However, that has all changed since Amber broke up with her ex-boyfriend of several years, Matt Baier, and started dating Andrew Glennon. While she and Glennon have only been together for a few months, it has been reported by The Ashley that the crew of "Teen Mom" has known for a while, which explains why she has been absent from a lot of the recent filming and events. She is already a mother to one, Leah, whom she had with her ex, Gary Shirley.

Both still appear on the show as they work out how to co-parent their daughter.

She wasn't at the 'Teen Mom' reunion

The "Teen Mom" reunion special, which included the cast members from both "Teen Mom OG" and "Teen Mom 2," which took place in Los Angeles, was apparently missing Amber Portwood. Many fans wondered why she skipped the festivities, as she gets along well with her cast mates Maci Bookout and Catelynn Baltierra, even having gone on vacation with the two women and their significant others. However, Amber was a no-show at the event.

According to The Ashley, Amber missed the taping because she wasn't feeling well from her pregnancy and is reportedly having a bit of a tough time.

"The official word told to everyone was that she didn’t come because she was sick, but basically everyone knew it was morning sickness.

She’s been having a hard time so far, but Amber is totally thrilled about the pregnancy," an anonymous source spilled to The Ashley.

Will she be okay?

Amber has been very public with her mental health struggles and has stated that she is on medication to regulate her depression and other issues she faces. The mom had previously stated that she couldn't have children with ex, Matt Baier, because she would have to go off of her medication and it could ruin her mental stability.

Amber has spent time in rehab facilities, as well as gone to prison to help detox herself off of hard drugs. While she has been sober for several years now, some questioned that when her ex, Matt, also a former addict, confessed to taking anti-anxiety medication recreationally. Amber has suffered from severe depression as well, which could rear its ugly head while she is pregnant with her new baby, so fans are hoping that she takes good care of herself while she waits for baby number two to arrive. Hopefully she and Andrew are very happy about their upcoming arrival.