Uh-oh. It looks like Reality TV celebrity Derick Dillard took his transphobia on a Twitter rant too far. Fox News reports TLC has severed ties with the ex "Counting On" star after he harassed transgender teen Jazz Jennings of TLC's "I Am Jazz." Dillard, with his wife Jill Duggar, of "19 Kids and Counting," tried the mission field and failed, and he also botched a charity fundraiser. Fans wonder how the Duggars' unemployed son-in-law will support his wife and kids.

Would-be missionary Derick Dillard shames child

The ex "Counting On" star repeatedly heckled the 14-year-old celebrity, a transgender individual, saying he pities the youth.

The reality TV dad said "I Am Jazz" is an oxymoron that a reality show is based on a non-reality (transgender). Dillard faulted TLC and Jazz's parents on Twitter saying they "take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda and...allow these kinds of decisions 2 be made by a child" Dillard called it "sad that ppl would use a juvenile this way. Again, nothing against him, just unfortunate what’s on TV these days.”

'Counting On' star beats LGBT kid with Bible

Critics went after the Celebrities on what they saw as more hypocrisy. Dillard claimed to just want a mature discussion with Jazz and on gender after blasting the LGBT youth for being too young to make gender decisions. Others jumped on the fact that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar use their shows "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" to preach their Christian, right-wing agenda.

Others slammed the Duggar family son-in-law for slamming a reality television show when he himself makes a living on TLC. Mostly people were just furious that he would beat a kid with the Bible.

Derick Dillard can cross reality star off his resume

TLC cut Dillard and his "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" star wife from the show.

This comes at an awkward time. Dillard attempted to fly a online tuition fundraiser as a charity. It was pulled for scamming. The "19 Kids and Counting" star, an accountant by degree, also failed when he falsely claimed Dillard Family Ministries was church supported. He was accused of misusing donated money. But Jill, Jana Duggar, and Jinger Duggar are each worth a million-ish each.

Jill, Jessa Seewald, Jinger, and Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth will earn off the taxpayers and police over their brother's molestation lawsuit, too.

Duggars distance from Jill and Derick?

It would be interesting if the Duggars ostracized the Dillard for homophobia, given Michelle Duggar robocalled LGBT residents, even as son Josh Duggar was getting "19 Kids and Counting" canceled for molestation and adultery. Even Jeremy Vuolo, who faulted the "Counting On" in-laws, and Jinger Duggar Vuolo, who openly flouts the family dress code by wearing pants, are not the personas non grata that Jill and Derick are. Is it just because they jeopardized the family income?