Where we left off

It starts with the Kingdommers walking through the woods. “And yet Carol smiles,” Ezekiel says, as it switches between them walking and them standing by, listening to King Ezekiel’s pep talk. The Saviors’ signature whistle is heard and they appear. The Kingdommers put their hands up, then some more hidden in the bushes shoot at the Saviors and they fall. ”We will lose not one of our ranks.”

Morales tells Rick to put his guns down and he does. He recognizes him and recognizes that Rick has gone down the same path that he has. He tells him he won’t call off his guys and they will get him to Negan, or maybe they won’t.

“Either way, we’re going to settle your shit, Peaches.” The shooting at Aaron’s group ceases as the Saviors turn and head inside, firing.

Aaron sits Eric by a tree. He apologizes for bringing Eric into this, despite him not wanting to be. Eric insists he goes back to help and they kiss. ”Okay, now stand your ass up, get back to the fight, and you win this thing.” Aaron hands him a gun and goes back to the group.

The Saviors that Jesus rounded up are herded back to the Hilltop. Tara says Maggie will know what to do with them because she knows what they did. Jesus tells Morgan that they are still people. “We don’t execute” Morgan replies, “I have.”

'They're people, too.'

Morales says his family never made it to the destination.

Rick lists the people who he's lost, including Glenn, who Negan brutally killed. “Are you Negan, too?” Morales says the Saviors found him and thought he was worth a damn. “Yeah, I’m Negan.” Morales compares them and says if Rick was holding the gun, Morales would be dead by now. Daryl comes in and shoots him, knowing who it was.

Savior backup is coming in.

Jared can’t keep his mouth shut and points out Morgan’s bullet vest and realizes that it belongs to Ben. Walkers start rolling down the hill and attack some of the hostages. Some of them run off and Morgan follows them. He shoots one and is stopped from shooting the others by Jesus.

Morgan argues that they may try to run again and again.

“They never change,” Jesus says. They should make peace, not war, and bring them to Maggie, but Morgan brings up that she’ll likely want them dead as well, then says and once they finish, they’ll be just like the Saviors, except alive. Morgan starts attacking Jesus.

The Kingdommers snipe a bunch of passing Saviors, while Daryl and Rick attempt to escape. Rick shoots an extinguisher for cover and they defeat the Saviors. Rick hears Aaron’s voice.

Morgan and Jesus both get in a few hits, then Morgan has his staff to Jesus’s throat. “Is it over Morgan?” Morgan’s face softens. “What?” He says just because he is not right, doesn’t mean he is wrong. Tara says he is right, but Morgan leaves with his staff and gun.

Enid stands at Hilltop’s Gate and sees Gregory attempt to get in, but Maggie only cracks open the gate and yells at Gregory for selling them out. He admits to being scared and says he went because he thought they wouldn’t win. He pleas and asks her to have mercy.

“Don’t leave another human being out here to die.” She finally lets him in. Jesus shows up with the Saviors and Gregory says no to letting them in, but Maggie commands him to go inside. Maggie tells Jesus there are families, children here. “We can’t let them go, and we can’t kill them,” Jesus says.

Not one

Aaron and Rick’s group finish off the reanimated Savior’s and Rick takes pictures. Aaron goes back for Eric but sees his gun and a blood stain on the tree.

He sees a walker in the distance and breaks down. Someone walks to him and tells him that isn’t Eric and brings back the sobbing Aaron.

“No, no.” Later, Rick brings Gracie, the baby, out and Aaron offers to take her with him to the Hilltop. Daryl and Rick are about to leave when someone shoots at the vehicle. Rick tells them to come out and he’ll let them go. A man, Todd comes out and tells them the guns were already sent out yesterday. Daryl shoots Todd in the head and they leave.

“Everyone is accounted for, Your Majesty.” Ezekiel smiles and tells Carol, “Not one.” Gunfire scatters across the field and many people pile on Ezekiel to protect him from blood is spread.

It’s later confirmed on “The Talking Dead” that Eric is officially dead.