Have Reality TV stars Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard stepped in something? Facebook fans are questioning why the Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar seem to be ignoring them. TLC appears to be distancing from its popular "19 Kids and Counting" Celebrities. Has Derick made himself too hot for "Counting On" producers with the transgender war on Twitter and pro-gun posts after the Texas church shooting? Did Dillard's dirty dancing, fake charity scam, and dubious fundraising do him in with the Duggars?

Derick Dillard persona non grata among the Duggars?

Looks like Josh Duggar may not be the only male member of "19 Kids and Counting" to have made himself objectionable.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have made little mention of Derick and Jill and their new baby Sam. "Counting On" showed Jill, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo and Joy Forsyth stood up with Kendra Caldwell at their brother Joseph Duggar's wedding. Jessa's husband Ben Seewald, Joy's hub Austin Forsyth and Jinger's spouse Jeremy Vuolo sat together. But Derick was seated separately.

Jill Dillard tarred with husband's brush?

Like Josh's wife Anna Duggar, Jill Dillard may be suffering from her husband's actions. Josh Duggar got "19 Kids and Counting" canceled with adultery, molestation, and pedophilia. Anna and her kids weren't featured on the new reality TV show "Counting On." Despite the show's full name "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" its titular star is seen less often than Jessa, Jinger Duggar Vuolo or Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth.

That could have something to do with her spouse.

Derick Dillard's finances questioned

Critics of the Duggars and even "19 Kids and Counting" fans have been less than impressed with Derick. Neither Jill nor Derick work yer she is worth almost a million. The unemployed dad lives off reality television earnings from "Counting On" and questionable fundraising under Dillard Family Ministries.

The celebrities of TLC claimed to do mission work but their own church didn't recognize them as missionaries. Dillard fundraised for missionary school on a charity site. His scam was pulled for being self-serving rather than philanthropic.

Dillard's social media tirades earn ire

Derick loves his Instagram and Twitter but has been accused of misusing social media.

He shared a video of people dancing. which goes against Duggar Family protocol. Jessa Seewald says dance leads to promiscuity, drugs and "stuff like that." As @Derick4Him on Twitter, Dillard provoked folks with his gun rights and anti-transgender rants. The reality TV celebrity shamed LGBT teen Jazz Jennings and called the "I am Jazz" show an unreal mockery of God.