''This Is Us'', the most refreshing TV series in a long time, is one episode away from the mid-season break. Episode 9 is out for scrutiny and it seems that it did nothing but to confirm a recent trend of the narrative plot. The past few episodes were mostly centered around a single major character only. Whether it was about Jack Pearson, Kevin or Randall, there was a clear wall of partition between episodes.

Now, It was Kate's turn to be at the core of the story. A tragic event put her on a dangerous path while Toby, her fiance, did the best to keep a cool head to sort things out.

Once again, Rebecca acted as a leveraging factor. Her intervention proved to be a crucial one and yet another digression into the past helped Kate to have a better understanding of how things work.

Losing a pregnancy was a hard test for Kate Pearson

Finding her soul mate later in life put Kate on a positive mental trend. With Toby standing by her side, she was about to enter a new phase of her life, the preparation for being a mother. But, an unexpected turn cost her the pregnancy and from that point on things could've gone off the rail in no time. Unable to perform in front of an audience, she was about to cave into her old destructive habits.

Losing her pregnancy was expected to create some unwanted friction in-between her and Toby.

Like any emotional fight, some unsavory words were thrown in. With Toby out to take some fresh air, Kate sees herself getting an unexpected help from her mother.

The narrative digression went back in the past following teenager Kate seeking her true vocation in life. The story follows her efforts to fill in an application for Berkeley where she would have pursued her dream to become a singer.

A positive note right at the end of Episode 9

With Rebecca comforting her in the best possible way, Kate seems to regain her optimist. Moreover, the final scene has Kate and Toby making plans for another go in their quest to become parents. On a scale that measures tragedy impact, losing a pregnancy might be Kate's second worst thing she had to endure.

Jack Pearson's death still stands as the most heartbreaking thing to happen in ''This Is Us''.

Episode 9 was entirely built on Kate's persona letting some other interesting facts outside. Kevin's own mess and Randall's struggle with the adoption's procedures are expected to come forward in the mid-Season finale next week. And maybe those legions of fans will get at least a hint of how Jack Pearson died.