"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that EJ DiMera is seemingly alive. This week, Kristen DiMera made her first appearance on the NBC soap after many fans believed her to be dead and gone. Of course, in true "DOOL" fashion, Kristen is very much alive and well. She made her debut at Susan's home, and as she looked through fake EJ's room, she laughed to herself and revealed that if only Susan knew she could have actually had the real EJ back. So, does this mean that EJ DiMera is alive out there somewhere?

Kristen holds the secrets

It would certainly seem that "Days of our Lives" writers are keeping hope alive for an EJ DiMera return in the future, no matter how long that make take.

When EJ died, fans watched as Kristen crept into the morgue to inject his corpse with a mystery substance, that we now know to be the amazing resurrection serum that Dr. Rolf developed and seemingly used on Will Horton. While Sami has had a feeling that EJ was alive and out in the world for the past two year, her searches turned up nothing, but it seems that Kristen could have all the answers that Sami has been looking for. The problem is, Kristen will likely not want to spill the details to Sami, or anyone else for that matter.

How can EJ return under these circumstances?

While all of the talk about EJ has "Days Of Our Lives" viewers excited, what can really come of it? Actor James Scott, who was a huge favorite among "DOOL" fans in the role of EJ DiMera, doesn't seem to have any interest in returning to the soap, and even if he did, Alison Sweeney, who plays Sami Brady, doesn't want to be on the show full time any longer.

It would be confusing to have EJ in Salem without Sami by his side. Meanwhile, talks of an EJ recast have been swirling for the past year. There have been hints that EJ is alive, and may be returning to Salem, but many fans don't want to see the role recast. However, previous character recasts have been very good in the eyes of the viewers, most recently Billy Flynn won over the hearts of fans when he stepped into the role of Chad DiMera, and know viewers love to watch the actor in the part.

The mystery surrounding EJ lives on

It seems like "Days of our Lives" may just want to offer fans hope and keep the mystery surrounding EJ DiMera alive for any future possibilities to either get James Scott back or recast the role with a new and exciting storyline. Either way, viewers are keeping their fingers crossed that EJ returns to Salem sometime in the future.