In the previous article, we talked about the four major plot points from the latest installment of "The Walking Dead" Season 8 "Big Scary U" and what they could mean for the future of the series. There, we discussed everything, from Negan's backstory to the curious case of that helicopter Rick encountered in the woods, so click here to find out more about that.

Apart from these big moments, the episode featured some interesting details, callbacks, and references to previous seasons. So without further ado, let's jump right in and discuss some of these, not-so-obvious details that you might have missed.

The 'choke holds are illegal' line was a direct callback to Season 1

"Big Scary U" saw a rather unexpected fight between Rick and Daryl. It's one thing to argue about what should be done, that was to be expected, but the fight, especially the one as intense as this one was, caught everyone by surprise.

At one point, Daryl even held Rick in a headlock and who knows what could happen if it wasn't for that explosion. Then, Rick told Daryl that choke holds are illegal, which is the same thing Daryl said to Shane in Season 1 when the latter was trying to stop him from doing something stupid when he found out that the group left his brother tied on a rooftop.

We have a hunch that this conflict will go even further as they face more challenges in "All Out War" and this Season 1 callback might be the showrunners' way of saying that we will see the conflict similar to the one we saw between Rick and Shane.

While it could definitely be interesting, let's just hope that the conflict doesn't end with one of them dead.

This wasn't the only time we saw a helicopter in the show

From the moment Rick saw that helicopter in the woods, fans have become obsessed with the question of what was that all about. But actually, this wasn't the first time that we saw a helicopter in "The Walking Dead." In the very first episode of the show, Rick saw it in Atlanta while on horseback.

He followed it immediately, only to end up surrounded by the herd of walkers. You can watch the scene down below.

Given what happened the last time Rick saw a helicopter, it stands the reason to believe that he could find himself once again in a difficult situation. Except maybe this time, he could face a human threat. And if you have watched the Season 8 trailer carefully, as well as the promo for the next episode, you'd know exactly what we are talking about.

But yet again, this helicopter could be more than just a callback. Maybe it belongs to the Saviors, maybe the Scavengers, but it would be far more interesting that it belongs to the New World Order, the mysterious group that was just introduced in "The Walking Dead" comics.