The opening scene of this week’s episode is unusually different and gives us a sense of the change about to come. At the start, Kara’s words are spoken in a slightly different way when re-capping, paired with a piece of new narrative and music. All things that subtly change the mood of what to expect in this episode, creating a very intense and serious atmosphere.

This week’s episode is one of heartbreak and deception. Offering so much emotion and confliction, I just couldn’t keep myself together. From the doubts surrounding Lena Luther, and her involvement in poisoning children to the mess that is Alex and Maggie’s relationship.

This week was definitely a hard hitter. Although, there has been unusual tension arising between Jimmy and Lena, which we should look out for and Sam is only just starting to realize she’s perhaps a little different than the rest of the moms around. Yet again another content heavy week in National City.

Luther by name, not by heart

Although Lena is, in fact, a Luther, we have seen her act far from it on multiple occasions. She is a character that is constantly getting her family’s reputation thrown back in her face.

From her murderous brother to her psychopathic mother, everywhere she turns there’s always someone with a grudge against her and her family. We see in this episode a side of Lena we haven’t seen before, one of weakness and baggage as she tries to convince herself she’s no normal Luther, she’s different.

With the rumor that her actions led to the poisoning of some of National City’s children hit her mentally.

Although, this information was brought into the light by one of her competitors that seems to be able to go above and beyond in order to win. Planting the seed that she is involved in making these children sick just so he can get ahead. We see Lena at first fight these accusations head-on, confident in protecting her reputation.

But as we see this episode progress we also see the defeat in Lena’s eyes and how she just wants to give up. Believing this lie as truth that she is in fact involved in the child poisoning scandal. This was shocking to see as she has always been presented as a strong and independent character, one who never goes down without a fight and yet she’s just giving up.

The plot takes a slight turn when we Lena realizes she’s not the one making children sick and that it's all a huge set up to take her out of the picture and damage her name. We see her confront the culprit and almost go as dark as a Luther, ready to take his life. Of course, she didn’t, and I was over the moon the story didn’t head in that direction.

It’s been re-freshening having a good Luther on the scene for once and I want them to keep that trend going.

Short but sweet

So, Maggie and Alex are no more. I honestly didn’t see that coming, especially given their amazing development through season 2 and how well they started this season. It really shocked me that the show decided to let the couple end here. It seems like such a waste to build and build something like this up to leave it all behind a season later.

The emotional scenes between the two filled my heart with so much ache and sympathy.

I felt like the couple weren’t just breaking up with each other, but with me as well. As someone who has watched them grow from the start, I feel cheated that it’s come down to this, surely the conversation of kids must have come up before now. Although, I must admit if you look past the dramatic music and the tears shed the couple really did manage to end on civil terms, which is a change from most break-ups. We see them having moments of dancing, kissing and becoming intimate again. Teasing me a little with the hopes of them not really splitting up, but it’s clear now that they have. Alex makes it very obvious her mind has always been set on having kids even when everything around her was so confusing, and that it's something that has never changed and never will.

Something that Maggie has never wanted and will never want. So, I understand their need to break it off. The whole calmness of the situation is incredibly refreshing to see as most break-ups end with a little more conflict and friction than this seems to have.

Never the less, I am still going to be rooting for the two to find a way back together. I cannot bear to see it be completely over with no hope of return.

Friction in the office

In spite of all the heartbreak and upset this episode offers, it’s come to my attention that there is something lingering in the head office at CatCo.

I can’t put my finger on what exactly that is, but there is definitely something there. Both Jimmy and Lena seem to be having a back and forth conflict of interest’s relationship that’s sparking something more. Since Lena took over CatCo it’s almost as if Jimmy feels like he’s been pushed out the way, which he definitely has been. This caused him to fight back, standing up for his place to be at the top of the CatCo food chain. As it might be expected all their scenes together are about work-related problems or upsets that are caused by the other person at work. Therefore, creating an intense atmosphere we can feel when watching them. Now, I’m unsure if this tension is genuine annoyance and hatred at the other or if it's one of lust and sexual desire.

I say this because as the episode progressed and we saw Jimmy take a bullet for Lena and offer her advice on what to do about her crisis. After all this, their tension still seemed to be there but in a different way. A more charming and seductive way.

I wonder if the show has a plan to replace the Alex and Maggie fire with a new National City love plot. One that seemed at first very unlikely, but is now a huge possibility.