Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that new head writer/executive producer Mal Young has pulled another rabbit out of his hat. According to a report by blog Soaps She Knows, Thad Luckinbill will be reprising his role as J.T. Helstrom and return to Genoa City on December 12. The actor was last on screen in 2010 when he left town with his young son and his lover Mackenzie. He will come back to a teenage Reed who is in desperate need of his father. Spoilers do not indicate his relationship status, nor how long he will be on the show.

Viewers are probably wondering if J.T. has been brought back so that he and ex-wife Victoria may possibly rekindle their romance.

Victoria and J.T. may reconnect

On Friday's episode (Nov. 3) of "The Young and the Restless" Victoria slapped Billy and fired him from Brash and Sassy. She then accepted Victor's offer to save her company. If Billy is getting back with Phyllis, the writers may be bringing J.T. Helstrom back in order for Vicky to have a love interest. This will certainly disappoint "Villy" fans who believed their favorite couple was on the verge of reuniting. Things did not end well with Vicky and her former spouse, who ended up with custody of Reed, so it will be interesting to find out the reason why he is coming back to town.

Earlier spoiler alerts had indicated J.T. was coming back to Genoa City because his son was hurt in the fire, but everyone made it out safely. Mr. Helstrom could show up to reclaim his runaway teen and take him back from whence he came. If so, this would be a devastating blow to Mattie, but a welcome relief for Lily and Cane.

There is also the possibility that Reed's dad may be on the outs with Mackenzie and seeking to reconnect with his ex-wife.

J.T. Helstrom will cause problems in Genoa City

Now that Victoria has kicked Billy out of Brash and Sassy, she may be reconsidering her desire to win him back. There is no doubt that Victor will do all he can to poison his daughter's mind and keep her far away from "Billy Boy Abbott." J.T.

Helstrom will be a welcome breath of fresh air, not only to the Newman patriarch but Phyllis as well. The possibility is there for both to manipulate him to keep Vicky far away from Billy.

Viewers can keep up with spoiler alerts to find out in advance what a possible motive may be for why Mr. Helstrom has decided to return to Genoa City at this particular time. They can also be sure to watch "The Young and the Restless" on December 12 to see which direction the J.T. storyline will take. "Y&R" can be seen each weekday afternoon on CBS at 2:00 PM.