On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" both Cane and his stepbrother end up the losers after a terrifying night. Billy rescued Reed and the Ashby twins from a fire at the Underground and after that everything quickly went downhill. Later encounters with Lily and Victoria do not go as expected and leave the two men very distressed. Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicate that Billy and Cane will be so distraught they will drown their sorrows by drinking together. They will become so intoxicated that Billy ends up at Victoria's and Cane goes to Lily's.

Unfortunately, both men later find themselves in jail.

A night to remember for Billy and Cane

After Billy saves Charlie, Mattie, and Reed he became trapped in the burning building. He is later rescued by his brother Jack. Victoria comes over and thanks him for saving her son and asks if he is OK. When he confirms that he is, Vicky slaps Billy in the face and then announces that he is fired. She is angry because her ex-husband's cutting corners is why her face masks were toxic.

Instead of being celebrated as a hero Billy is called our for his dangerous decision. Now he is out of a job, and Vicky is allowing her father to control "Brash and Sassy." To add insult to injury, Phyllis let her lover know she is glad he did not die in the fire, but she is still angry at him, so Mr.

Abbott is still in the doghouse and unable to move back into the penthouse.

As Cane and Lily talked about Reed being a bad influence, Mr. Ashby believed this tragedy was going to bring his wife back to him because she sounded hopeful about their future. What Cane thought was his wife wanting to restore their marriage was merely Lily saying that perhaps now the divorce proceedings can go more smoothly.

He was in shock and looked so heartbroken to realize his wife still wants to divorce him. This indeed was a night that the stepbrothers would remember for quite some time.

Cane and Billy go to jail

Spoiler alerts indicate that Billy and Cane will forget their differences and drink to their mutual problems. The stepbrothers will become so intoxicated they each make very poor decisions.

Billy will go banging on the door of the penthouse, trying to get back in the good graces of Phyllis, but she does not give in. A drunken Cane goes back to the house he shared with Lily and attempts to smooth things over with his ex-wife.

Both Lily and Phyllis will become annoyed and take necessary steps to alleviate their situations, by having their inebriated men sent to jail. Cane and Billy probably will not give up so stay tuned for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless." You can watch Y&R each weekday afternoon at 12:30 PM on CBS.