New head writer Mal Young has promised surprises on "The Young and the Restless" and the biggest will be identifying what caused Brash and Sassy face masks to be toxic. Spoilers from Celeb Dirty laundry list a number of suspects, including Billy and Victoria inadvertently sabotaging their own product. The most likely suspect, however, is one who has not even been considered and that is Phyllis, who had means, motive and plenty of opportunities. The fact that she abruptly left Genoa City to get away from the fallout could be a smokescreen or a very telltale sign.

Phyllis may be a red herring or not

Initially, Y&R spoilers suggested that Victoria's strange behavior could be the result of a brain tumor, but doctors determined she had a buildup of toxins in her system. She figured out that her face masks had been tampered with and the now the question is who and why. Spoilers list a number of individuals to be considered and they are Jack, Victor, Juliet, Ravi, Gloria, Cane, and Graham.

Celeb Dirty Laundry even suggested that Billy and Victoria could have accidentally added a toxin to the ingredients of their product with realizing it. No one as of yet has introduced the most logical person with an ax to grind which would be Phyllis. Ever since she reconnected with Billy, Ms.

Summers/Abbott has been trying to find a way to get Victoria out of her ex-husband's life.

Last week Phyllis asked Jack to allow her to replace Gloria as the Jabot representative at the cosmetics convention. She said she wanted to get out of town until all the fallout blew over, but perhaps she is trying to throw suspicion away from herself.

Ignoring Phyllis and listing other suspects could be a red herring to keep viewers guessing but longtime Y&R fans know the damage this woman has already inflicted on many Genoa City residents, and that she is capable of so much more.

The facts will lead viewers to how and why the face masks were toxic

The fact that Mal Young flipped the script on Victoria having a brain tumor indicates that he is flipping the script in a way that viewers may not be able to see what is coming.

Regarding the suspect who may have tampered with the Brash and Sassy men's line face masks, one must tread carefully. Victor had been trying to help his daughter's company, Gloria has been down this road before, and Ravi is a computer geek, period. Graham did send the pictures of Jack and Nikki to Victor but tampering with chemicals does not appear to be his area of expertise.

Jack prefers sneaky underhanded tricks but sabotage by poisoning would not seem to be his way,.Cane is angry and devious but he has not had that type of recent access to the Brash and Sassy offices. Juliet has no ax to grind because she received a hefty settlement. Billy and Victoria inadvertently adding toxic ingredients to their product would add to their woes, and be another nail in the coffin of their company.

Phyllis, on the other hand, is a woman scorned, who has been on the warpath and pushed to the brink daily for the past few months. Even so, those who watch "The Young and the Restless," cannot speculate and must wait until the direction f the new head writer is clear.