Leah Messer is the mother of three young girls and while filming "Teen Mom 2," it’s clear that Leah sometimes struggles to keep up with them all. Messer’s daughters have an insane amount of energy and it’s clear that they love goofing around and spending time with one another. Since Adalynn is the daughter of Jeremy Calvert, she does get to spend some time away from Ali and Aleeah throughout the week. So when the girls are back together, Leah may not always be able to keep up with them. This weekend, Leah shared a video of her daughters playing with makeup and she quickly received a firestorm of criticism.

Apparently, some people believe that it is irresponsible for Leah to let her girls play with makeup, especially since they are so young. However, one could argue that they are just having fun and exploring different creative outlets. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now firing back at the follower, who eventually deleted the critical tweet.

Who really cares?

In the tweet, Messer revealed that people were being too critical of her as a mother and too critical of her daughters. There's nothing harmful in children playing with makeup. The harmful thing comes if these kids believe they are only beautiful with makeup and feel the need to use makeup to cover up how they truly look. But since Leah is such a caring mother, it doesn't sound like she's going to let her girls get to that point.

“Omgoodness they play in makeup when we are hanging out around the house or they have a friend over. Who cares ???” Leah Messer replied to a follower, who had tweeted something to the Teen Mom 2 star and then deleted it, which caused another person to write, “Leah, let your girls play!!! There is nothing wrong with them playing in makeup people!!!

People ALWAYS have something to say.”

Fans are too mean

It's no secret that fans can be really mean to these girls. All of the Teen Mom stars have gone through some level of criticism while being on the show. It's clear that they are all exhausted from being called bad mothers to being accused of neglecting their children. Leah did reply that she didn't care about her kids playing with makeup and other people shouldn't care either.

Perhaps there are more pressing matters to worry about, such as getting them up for school in the morning.

What do you think about Leah Messer's decision to slam her follower? Are you surprised that people are being so critical of her?