Meghan King Edmonds' candle party will create all kinds of awkwardness on the next of episode of "Real Housewives of Orange County." Episode 19 will feature the aftermath of Iceland after the cast returns home. It's funny what a trip away will do to a group of women, and even more so, coming back. Lots of things are said, alcohol is involved, and friendships are tested. There's bound to be some turmoil and, of course, there is!

Kelly and Shannon's marital troubles out in the open

In one of the clips for episode 19 of "rhoc," Kelly Dodd has grown tired of the struggle for dominance in her marriage with Michael.

As she's preparing to leave for Meghan's party, she argues with Michael about being polite at the event. The downfall of their marriage is seen in this episode as Kelly reaches her breaking point with Michael; the same can be said of Shannon Beador and her husband, David. As they're on their way to pick up Kelly and Michael, Shannon complains about her difficulty in getting along with her friends. David seems indifferent to her grievances, only to tell Shannon that's she's certainly a "direct" person. On the car ride to Meghan King Edmonds' party, no one is saying much.

In last week's episode, Shannon came to the realization that David has "checked out" of their marriage. She's currently separated from David and Kelly is divorcing Michael.

It stands to reason that none of them are particularly delighted in the upcoming "RHOC" episode.

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson go back to being distant. Tamra isn't happy with the fact that Vicki hasn't apologized to Eddie for the rumors she spread about him. 12 hours after getting back from Iceland, Tamra shares that she heard more gossip about Eddie from a friend of Vicki's.

Disgusted with Vicki, Tamra decides that she's not going to waste any more time on Vicki's lies.

Peggy apologizes to Meghan

Peggy Sulahian apologizes to Meghan for what she said in Iceland about her parenting choices. She implied that Meghan didn't care that her baby was in the next room crying while she was partying with the other ladies, but was aware of it and wanted Aspen to soothe herself to sleep.

Shannon, on the other hand, is keeping her communication with Peggy limited after her behavior in Iceland. Lydia McLaughlin defends Peggy, telling Shannon that Peggy is genuinely sorry for what she said to Meghan and didn't have a clear head in Iceland.

"Real Housewives of Orange County" season 12, episode 19 airs Monday, November 13 at 9 PM, ET / 6 PM, PT on Bravo.