The Justice League review embargo might not have been lifted just yet but that didn’t stop critics from voicing their general opinion on Twitter over the weekend. The embargo lift date for the 4th installment in the DC Extended Universe is scheduled for Wednesday, November 15 at 2:50 am EST so no full reviews will go live until then. For now, vague tweets is all there is to go by and the Reactions appear to be mostly positive.

Ever since Batman V Superman(BVS): Dawn of Justice hit theaters early last year, the “comic book movie enthusiast” corner of the internet had been bickering over the movie’s quality.

Yes, since then. It hasn’t stopped. While some appreciated it for what it is, the majority hated BVS. For those people, all hope for DC movies to deliver was lost until Wonder Woman totally nailed the style that the DCEU was missing this summer.

Things are looking up for DC

Trailers for DC movies have been phenomenal since the cinematic universe was "retconned" with Man of Steel. While they have successfully excited moviegoers to buy tickets, they also set expectations that the movies continuously fail to meet. Despite Justice League’s trailer suggesting Warner Bros. is continuing to use the same formula, it seems as if DC films are finally headed in the right direction, according to some of the early reactions.

The chemistry is there

When director Zack Snyder stepped down from working on this film over a serious family matter back in May, Joss Whedon, who is notable for his work with Marvel recently, took his place.

Whedon joining the Justice League production team prompted the hope that the DCEU will be saved, as he is responsible for one of, if not, the best comic book movie to date, The Avengers. The positive reactors can probably attribute their enjoyment of the film to Joss Whedon’s input based on the chemistry between the characters in his previous work.

One of the common reactions of Justice League is that the interaction between the DC superheroes was well done.

Although these reactions are consistent, the best opinions are the ones people form on their own. Hopefully, this movie doesn’t divide fans of comic book movies as much as Batman v Superman did and at the very least, just sparks friendly debates.

Most importantly, the main focus, going into any superhero movie, should not be to find out if the rumblings about it are true but to simply appreciate the fact that they exist.

Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17.