Meghan King Edmonds is made upset by peggy sulahian when she shows everyone a video she recorded. The scene was on Bravo as part of a sneak peek into the November 6 episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Monday night's episode is titled, "The Real Vikings of Orange County," and features the women having dinner with Vikings.

Peggy rattles Meghan

According to the clip, Peggy has her cell phone and is directing her hostility at Meghan, who's sitting across the table from her. Shannon Beador lashes out at Peggy, saying, "how dare you say that to her." It's unclear what the video is about, but Bravo's brief synopsis explains that after Peggy was "hurt by Kelly's words," she shows Lydia McLaughlin a secret video.

When she shows up to dinner, she makes a "preemptive strike" on Meghan, but it "backfires."

Vicki tells Shannon she's sorry

In other spoilers, Vicki Gunvalson is pressured by Tamra Judge to apologize to Shannon for all of her accusations. She relents, and tells Shannon she's sorry if she ever misunderstood the phone call in which Shannon was having severe problems with David. Vicki doesn't think she needs to apologize but does it in an effort to move on. Shannon doesn't buy it and resents the fact Vicki makes her apology in front of the other cast members. She thanks Vicki for the apology for the sake of not fighting at dinner, but doesn't mean it.

Returning home

The housewives will be returning home in tonight's episode, but not before having more watershed moments.

When the "rhoc" ladies traveled to Ireland in season 11, the trip home was by far the most explosive with Tamra and Vicki. Although the two made up in Iceland, other spoilers reveal it didn't last.

Shannon's marital woes continue

Shannon will realize what's behind her unstable behavior and find out her marriage is on "thin ice," according to the episode's synopsis.

As fans may already know, Shannon and David Beador are separated. The two will continue raising their three teenage daughters together and have family outings. Shannon posted an image of her with David on Instagram Saturday night when they took their daughters to a USC game.

Will the upcoming episode of "RHOC" be a turning point for Shannon?

Does this mean she's getting closer to leaving David as the season winds down? The reunion is fast approaching and viewers will get to find out how she's doing.

See episode 18 of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" season 12 on Bravo at 9 PM, ET Monday.