The 2nd season’s premiere of "Andi Mack" starts out with Andi helping her dad decide how to propose to Bex. He seems hesitant to decide, waiting for the right time. Later, Buffy suggests Andi be the maid of honor, suggests the band and venue, and Andi gets excited. Iris comes in and Cyrus introduces her as his girlfriend. She tells them how Amber is actually insecure and always needs a boyfriend, but has trouble keeping them. She says that Amber and Jonah broke up.

Celia finds that Bowie has moved her plants and changed the fertilizer and, surprise, she actually likes it.

Cyrus feels Iris is just like him and he's confused about this miracle. She kisses him goodbye. It’s his first kiss, so he cheers.

Jonah invites the three to a team party and gives back the wrap bracelet. “I don't deserve it," he tells Andi. Bex later talks Andi into going to the party. At the party, Jonah gives a speech and announces Cyrus as the MVP. He gets a jersey. After, Jonah talks to Andi and tells her he likes being around her more than anyone else and asks her to be around him more. She gives him back the bracelet. Buffy and Cyrus watch and Cyrus says he's happy for her, with a not-so-happy face.

Andi and Bowie talk later. Celia got him a job, which means he’ll be staying in town and Bowie is unsure how Bex really feels about him.

Do you like him?

Cyrus and Buffy sit in a booth at The Spoon Diner. He looks upset and she asks what’s up. He talks about earlier, with Andi and Jonah. He says he is happy for Andi, but, he pauses. Buffy asks if he’s jealous and he says yes. “Do you like Andi?” He shakes his head. “You like Jonah.” He tells her he feels weird and different, she tells him he is weird, but not different.

“This is really bad timing. I just got a girlfriend.” He cracks a smile.

Bowie arrives with pizza. Or is it a proposal? He opens the box and the ring is sitting on the pizza. “I want my best friend back. I wanna marry you.” After a long pause, Andi tells Bex to say something. “Uhm," is her only response.

The next day, Andi tells her friends about the event.

Bex hasn’t said yes, yet. Jonah is coming by and Andi says she is even more nervous since she knows he likes her. They have an awkward conversation and Buffy and Cyrus walk off. Cyrus says he wants Andi to give him advice like she does, but he’s not ready to tell her they are crushing on the same guy. Buffy tries to be understanding but is impatient.

It's very awkward

Andi and Buffy are at The Spoon Diner and Amber walks by, avoiding eye contact as if they aren’t there, and walks into the back. Andi tells Buffy that she is super nervous about the situation and being his girlfriend. “I feel like I have to be cute and on all the time.” Jonah comes in. “Hey, what’s going on?” She replies, “Dimples.” Cyrus and Iris come in.

Cyrus acts cheery, uncomfortably so. They call for the waitress multiple times and remark how the service is slow, then Buffy and Andi realize Amber never came back out. Amber comes out in her diner uniform. Buffy and Andi “go to the bathroom” and Jonah and Amber walk outside to talk. “I like how you are uncomplicated,” Iris says to Cyrus.

Don't say it

Andi says she is uncomfortable with Amber working there, but doesn’t want to leave and seem insecure. Buffy tells Andi that maybe she isn’t ready for a relationship with Jonah. Andi gets defensive and disagrees. They come back to see Jonah and Amber talking and hugging outside. Outside, Amber says her dad doesn’t want anyone to know he lost his job.

They come back in and Buffy confronts Jonah. “When she’s sad, well, let’s just say you don’t wanna see me when she’s sad.” He apologizes and leaves. Andi says that was a nice thing that Buffy said, “But why did you have to say it?” and she walks out.

Jonah walks Andi home and she tells him she doesn’t care what he and Amber talked about, just that he and Andi don’t talk about much. They joke about her “Dimples,” response and she goes home and talks to Bex about when she’s going to answer. “I’m not getting married to Bowie.”

Stepping Forward

Congratulations to Disney for debuting its first homosexual main character.