shannon beador is defending a photo she posted on Instagram of her spending an evening with David Beador Saturday. The photo was snapped at a USC college football game that also had one of their daughters in the image. Shannon announced her separation from David just last week, but the two got together for a "family outing," which shouldn't be too much of a surprise since it was revealed in the announcement of their split that the Beadors would still do things as a family.

'Family outing' photo gets backlash

Shannon and David Beador were seen taking at least one of their daughters to the USC game.

If fans keep up with "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star, they know that the family loves attending college football games -- one of the few things they all seemed to enjoy doing as a family without any negative drama.

Perhaps many weren't expecting Shannon Beador to be seen with David so soon after it was revealed she was leaving him. The "RHOC" cast member has gotten so much support for leaving him that they're upset she might be having second thoughts in spite of how she's been treated in the marriage. Whatever the case, Shannon did add in her announcement that she and David would "remain partners" in parenting their three daughters and would still do things as a family. In that regard, she's not doing anything out of the ordinary.

The photo shows Shannon Beador and David Beador with one of their daughters. "Go Trojans! Still a family outing. And for those who have negatively commented, it's all about my kids. Have a nice night," Shannon captioned the photo.

In glancing through the comments, Shannon has a lot more supportive comments than negative ones.

Many admire her for putting any differences she has with David aside and putting her kids first. It's evident both parents care a great deal about their girls -- Sophie, 16, and 13-year-old twins, Stella and Adeline.

David Beador plays 'active role' in kids' lives

According to a Radar Online report, David is playing a big role in being active in his daughters' lives even though he's moved out and is renting a condo.

He arrives at the house to pick them up for school and attends sporting events with them. Essentially, this is also what took place on Saturday night when he and Shannon fit in some quality family time. It doesn't necessarily mean Shannon is going back to David.

Additionally, the girls are said to be "happy" that their mom wants out of the marriage. A source tells Radar Online that they're tired of seeing their mother "miserable" and are 100 percent behind her. Shannon wants full custody of the girls, allowing David visitation.

What do you think of Shannon and David Beador getting together for the sake of their kids for family events?

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