A few short hours after his release on $2,500 bond from San Patricio County Jail in Texas on Friday (Nov. 3), Lou Diamond Phillips made a public apology for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol in Portland, TX, at approximately 1:30 AM, according to numerous media reports nationwide.

According to Mark Cory, who is chief of the Portland Police Department, the 55-year-old “Longmire” star approached an officer who was in the middle of an unrelated, routine traffic stop. Phillips pulled up to the police unit, asking for directions to Flour Bluff High School, the Chicago Tribune noted.

The officer “suspectedPhillips had been drinking.

Actor allegedly failed sobriety and breathalyzer tests

After Phillips took a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test, he reportedly failed, according to People. His blood alcohol level test exceeded twice the legal limit at .20, allowed for driving a vehicle.

Phillips was, then, arrested, charged with a Class a misdemeanor, and transported to San Patricio County Jail, which is located in the nearby town of Sinton, according to the police chief and USA Today. Phillips posted bail at roughly 11 AM on Friday and was released.

Phillips didn’t skirt arrest, apologized for his actions

Phillips was the keynote speaker at an event on Friday in his hometown, Corpus Christi, TX.

Standing before a crowd gathered at “Voices of South Texas,” he didn’t deflect and addressed his arrest in a straightforward manner, after stating that he was hopeful that his actions would not take attention from the event’s importance, USA Today reported.

“First things first,” he said, “I want to sincerely apologize,” USA Today also relayed.

Phillips stated that he was there “to promote and celebrate” the event, which he described as amazing. He further apologized in case his actions diminished the event that focuses on the history of South Texas through storytellers, historians, re-enactors, live folk music, and a tour of homes in Heritage Park.

Suspected of driving drunk, but Phillips ‘thought’ he was ‘fine,’ acknowledged ‘mistake’

Phillips characterized his behavior as a “lapse in judgment,” according to WUSA 9. He also addressed the proverbial pink elephant, answering the question that many likely have wondered: “Obviously,” he said, “I did not think I was in that state.” After all, as the police chief also pointed out, Phillips approached an officer. “I thought I was fine,” he added. His arrest occurred when the officer “thought otherwise.”

While speaking at the Heritage Park event, Phillips shared that he is proud seeing how Corpus Christi has changed. He also said that one of the reasons he feels happy about returning to his hometown is “the diversity of this city,” WUSA 9 wrote.

“We were diversity,” he said, “before diversity was a hashtag.”

Phillips also reiterated that his alleged DWI incident, which resulted in his arrest “was a mistake,” according to WUSA 9. “It was stupid of me,” he said. “I regret it.” He also assured the crowd of fans and supporters that “it will never happen again.”

Phillips delivered moving words about hometown, diversity, and racism

Apparently very mindful of the incident that took place prior to his speaking engagement at the event, Phillips also relayed poignant information about his past. He shared how his awareness of racism surfaced in stating, “I never knew racism until I left for University of Texas Arlington.” He emphasized how important he believes it is for people to reflect on America’s history.

“It’s that getting out into the world,” he observed, “and seeing how other people perceive you.” That he had the opportunity to return to Corpus Christi, a city Phillips called “accepting,” he said inspired him to feel happy about his hometown visit and being at the “Voices of South Texas” event.