Put on those thinking caps, “blindspot” fans. Patterson has a mission for you.

The FBI’s resident enigmatologist is burning the midnight oil thanks to Jane’s double-layer of tattoos, so the NBC series is shifting the workload to the fans. Every season, “Blindspot” hands viewers the task of decrypting its jumbled episode titles. According to series creator Martin Gero, season 3 will be no different.

How do you solve the ‘Blindspot’ titles?

Well, it will be slightly different. Anagrams are out. Palindromes are so last year. Intrepid puzzle-solvers will have to crack an entirely different code if they want to access this year’s secret message.

“There is a message hidden in the [episode] titles again this year,” Gero told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s a little trickier to find. So that’s a little thing that our puzzle fans should keep an eye out for the titles this year.”

Even The New York Times’ David Kwong, crossword extraordinaire and the dastardly mind behind many of “Blindspot’s” trickiest clues, is keeping mum, even after fans took to his Twitter with earnest entreaties for help.

Keep watching? Does that mean the key to unlocking the titles is buried in an actual episode? It wouldn’t be the first time “Blindspot” peppered the plot with clues for someone other than the FBI.

Perhaps a cipher is in play.

For now, try your hand at cracking these season 3 episode titles:

Episode 1: “Back to the Grind” (Oct. 27)

Episode 2: “Enemy Bag of Tricks” (Nov. 3)

Episode 3: “Upside Down Craft” (Nov. 10)

Episode 4: “Gunplay Ricochet” (Nov. 17)

Episode 5: “This Profound Legacy” (TBA)

Episode 6: “Adoring Suspect” (TBA)

Next time on ‘Blindspot’

Back together for the first time in nearly two years, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and co.

are divided by secrets. For Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer), “Upside Down Craft” will threaten to drag theirs out into the open.

“You do find out pretty early on in the season what the relationship is between Rich and Patterson,” Johnson told Entertainment Tonight. “Relationship is a very broad term, because they have seen each other in the past two years, and you definitely find out why.”

One thing Gero can say for sure?

There’s no romantic connection. That’s one ’ship that’s staying in dry dock, at least for now.

The rest of the FBI/CIA taskforce will use episode 3 to track down a cadre of computer hackers as Roman (Luke Mitchell) continues to pull their strings.

Find out more when “Blindspot” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.