Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted together last week and appeared to enjoy time at a Los Angeles hockey rink and outdoors, riding bikes and playfully joking. While the two have not reconciled their romantic relationship, numerous media organizations are noting that the two seem to have rekindled their friendship, as New York Daily News and Seventeen also reported.

On Wednesday -- and again on Friday night -- Gomez also appeared quite cozy in Bieber’s Hockey Jersey in Los Angeles Valley Ice Center when they left the rink following Bieber’s hockey practice, and, likewise, his game on Friday.

Only days earlier, on Sunday, photographs of the two turned into a viral sensation when they were seen eating breakfast together, Glamour relayed. “Fans put two and two together.” That Gomez has been wearing Bieber’s New Jersey Devil’s jersey is fueling relationship rumors, People stated.

The Weeknd broke up with Gomez over the phone

Several weeks ago, The Weeknd was rumored to have broken up with Gomez -- not in person but during a phone call, according to the Daily News and People. Gomez’s friendship with Bieber did not lead to the break-up, People also stated, and based the information on its unnamed, reported “sources.”

Though reports of the split between Gomez and The Weeknd, who was born Abel Tesfaye, only surfaced on Monday, Seventeen stated that the breakup was in the works since this summer – quite some time prior to when Gomez and Bieber were first spotted together in recent days.

Even though The Weeknd was all right with the former couple befriending one other, media outlets are saying he is none too pleased that Gomez and Bieber have been seen out together multiple times during the past week.

“Did The Weeknd expect Selena to lay low?” Seventeen asked readers rhetorically. Of course, Gomez’s ex-flame, The Weeknd, is probably shocked that she has hung out a number of times, now, with her “most famous ex,” according to Seventeen.

Gomez and Bieber have a connection, ‘leaning on each other’

According to an “insider,” Seventeen reported, Gomez and Bieber have a lot in common, which contributed to them reconnecting. Citing a couple years of feeling both mentally and physically exhausted, growing up in the public eye, and touring, these are examples of the experiences both share.

Right now, the two are just “leaning on each other as friends,” the source stated.

Bieber is described as “happy” that Gomez is, once again, single, People noted, relying on a source cited as an insider. The insider also claims that the 23-year-old singer is hoping “to regain her trust,” wanting to get back together with her as a couple.

People’s source further asserted that time away from each other has enabled Gomez and Bieber to augment their support for one another. “Justin,” the insider said, “is certainly a much better person.” For those reasons, the source told People, the singer would be “a better boyfriend,” as well.