As Cinema Blend notes, the fall of Kevin Spacey from grace due to allegations of his sexual harassment and abuse of underage boys is going to affect the future direction of “House of Cards.” For the first five seasons, Spacey played the nefarious, Frank Underwood, starting as Chief Democratic Whip in the House of Representatives and ending as a disgraced former president. Now Spacey has been fired from the show, both as its star and executive producer. His behavior had created what can be described as an “unsafe work environment.”

The story so far (some spoilers)

Season Five had concluded with the 2016 election in the “house of cards” universe, having been unresolved due to Frank Underwood’s machinations, with his wife, Claire, as president, and himself having resigned in disgrace, all of his previous crimes started to leak out.

The plan was for Claire to give Frank a presidential pardon so that he could still wield power from behind the scenes in the private sector. However, the fifth season ended with Claire standing in the Oval Office, ignoring calls from Frank, then turning to the camera and saying, “My turn,” before the scene turns to black.

What to do about a problem like Frank Underwood?

With Kevin Spacey out of the production and Robin Wright as President Claire Underwood now having top billing, the question arises, what to do about Frank Underwood. In the ordinary course of things, the former president would be brought up on multiple charges that include murder. A trial would take place and there would be a lot of Frank turning to the fourth wall and giving the audience his thoughts about what he was thinking regarding his predicament and what he wanted to do about it.

However, without Kevin Spacey, this is apparently not an option.

The solution that presents itself is suggested by the end of the British version of “House of Cards.” British Prime Minister Francis Urquhart, at the end of the third series, “Final Cut,” is contemplating political and personal ruin due to decades-old sins coming to light.

His wife promises that she has arranged for him to “be safe.” The promise is fulfilled in the form of an assassin’s bullet. As Prime Minister Urquhart is laying on the ground breathing his last, his living wife holds him in her arms and tells him, “You’re safe now.”

Claire, as President of the United States, and someone who has a proven record of ruthlessness in her own right, is perfectly capable of getting rid of her inconvenient husband, who knows where a lot of bodies are buried. Better for him to have a fatal accident so that everyone can be safe.